Feng Shui Mirror Facing Door Realities

Feng Shui Mirror Facing Door Realities

Mirrors have a specific form of energy which can either be extremely good or extremely bad. All the mirrors should be regularly cleaned to maintain its brightness. Discard the cracked mirrors. When used as a looking glass, the mirror must be put at the head height. 

Feng Shui Mirror Placements

Mirrors can be placed on all walls, except the one reflecting the door. In other words feng shui mirror facing door is not good for any home.

Where Not to Place Feng Shui Mirror

Mirrors have been believed to be the remedy of feng shui; which can only be obtained by proper placement or they can tremendously shift the flow of energy in any given space. They also generate a feeling and sense of refreshment and calm.Feng Shui areas not advisable to place a mirror:

  • South (Fame and Reputation)
  • On the wall directly facing the Main Door
  • On the wall(s) facing the Bed

Ensure they are hanged or placed at head height. Also keep an eye that they are small and discreet. It is also suggested to use Ba Gua mirrors (trigram mirrors) outdoors of the home. These are imperative for deflecting Sha Chi (negative energy) away from the home.

Feng Shui Mirror on Bathroom Doors

Mirrors on the toilet or bathroom doors are believed to be fine as it will enable hiding bad energy that is stagnated in toilet and bathroom. But here also mirror facing the door of the bathroom is not recommended. You should hang or place the mirror on the backside of the door.

Feng Shui Mirror Facing Door is Not Advisable

You should not hang a mirror opposite your main entrance door as it is believed to be the entry point of positive energy through the doors and windows. Placing mirrors facing front door will deflect good energy that is entering into your house.

Why is a Feng Shui Mirror Facing the Door Bad

In feng shui, it is believed that the house soaks energy (Chi) through the main entrance, identical to a human face absorbing nutrition using the mouth. This is the reason the main door is often also termed as the mouth of a house in feng shui science.  As mirrors are considered to be the panacea of feng shui, the right placement of mirrors is imperative to avail its benefits. You can, to a great extent, shift the feng shui energy flow and generate better feng shui in a home or office.  The reason it is not advisable to have a mirror facing the main door is the mirror deflects that pushes back all the good feng shui positive energy that is supposed to enter the house. 

Two Big Taboos in Feng Shui Mirror Placement

A feng shui mirror facing door is one of the two big taboos in the art of feng shui. The second one is a mirror facing a bed. 

Remedies for Feng Shui Mirror Facing Door 

  • If you keep the mirror at a distance, it will only mildly change the effect of the mirror facing the main door.  So if you have a mirror in your house directly facing the main door, the best feng shui suggestion is to change its place or at least remove it.
  • If you are unable to remove the mirror, for instance if the mirror is built-in and you are in a rented place, or if you have mirrored your closet doors facing the main entrance, then you have to think of some creative solutions. 
  • Feng shui always performs best when it is used in a creative and subtle way. So, it is better to cover the mirror with some creative appliqué, or paint over it in an appeasing color. 

Other recommended feng shui mirror facing door solutions are: 

  • Place a thriving, big plant in front of the mirror.
  • Playfully hang a right piece of artifact over the mirror, be sure it looks fabulous.
  • Have a big piece of furniture placed in the center of the mirrored wall. Again, you have to ensure it should not look odd.
  • Have applique, or tastefully decorative stickers on the mirror 

Look for creative ideas to solve the problem of feng shui mirror facing door, and you would be able to attract good feng shui. 

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