Use of the Lucky Bamboo for Feng Shui

Use of the Lucky Bamboo for Feng Shui

Feng Shui Lucky bamboo is getting more and more popular and more easily available in the recent few years. These are now found at most supermarkets, along with floral shops and online also. Not really a bamboo, this interesting plant is in fact a peer of the Dracena family, Dracaena sanderiana. This healthy, green plant attracts a lively qi into the home and this cute plant incorporates a lot without asking much of you.

Easy to Grow Feng Shui Lucky Bamboo

It’s very easy to grow and is one of the reasons it has become popular these days. It does not need a lot of sunlight. In fact you must keep it away from direct sunlight. It can be nurtured in water or in soil, and requires very minimal care. Most of the time you will find it "planted" in a tiny pot decorated with pebbles and filled with water. Some people believe that the water should be replaced every week and others just replenish the water as it goes down. So long the water is clean and clear, just refilling the container will keep your beautify bamboo refresh. Add a diluted fertilizer off and on to give it a boost. If you have fluoridated or chlorinated water you can also facilitate spring, or distilled water to maintain your plant’s health. Or just leave your tap water exposed to the air overnight in a bowl to get rid of these chemicals.

Keep Away from Children and Pets

Many plants in the dracaena species are believed to manifest toxic properties that can be fatal to pets and small children. To be safe it is better to keep them out of reach of children and paws.

How to Get Curved Feng Shui Lucky Bamboo

Feng Shui Lucky bamboo can also be seen in the form of single stalks, tied together with red string, in fabulous woven pieces that is identical to vases and other shapes, and in curly and vertical forms. You can also generate your own curly version if you can maintain your patience. Place your Feng Shui lucky Bamboo in a room where there is only one source of light. Within few days the bamboo will begin to incline towards the source of light. Keep the plant slightly away from the source of light and it will again bend towards the light. Keep repeating this process until you get the expected curves. If you are curling multiple stalks it might be simpler to monitor if you have potted each one of the bamboos separately until the process is over.

Tips to Care Feng Shui Lucky Bamboo

Here are a few tips on care. Discard that red string. If it is tied too harshly it can damage the stalks as they lead to disease. Another cause to remove the red string is that red symbolizes fire and the plant represents wood. Apparently fire eats up wood, not a situation you aspire to promote if you wish to protect your lucky bamboo.

Treat Yellowing of Leaf

A yellowing leaf is generally caused by too much exposure towards light and will ultimately progress down the stalk. Chemicals in the water can also be a reason of yellowing of leafs. Expose your bamboo to light and clean water for a limited time to ward off such happenings. If one of the stalks turns yellow it is beyond repairs. Discard it from the pot or it may spoil the remaining stalks.

Maintain the Same Water Level

Keep in mind when changing or replenishing the water in the pot to maintain the same level. The roots will form at the water line and if you will raise the water level your plant will grow more roots. Bamboo is a tropical plant and needs a hot temperature, at least above 60 degrees, but would prefer much warmer.

Ideal Placement of Feng Shui Lucky Bamboo

Where would you place your Feng Shi Lucky bamboo plant? Their ideal natural home is in the east or southeast. Both of these locations represent wood and they offer a gentler quality of light your plant will require.

How Many Stalks Ideal

How many stalks should be ideal to use? The east is linked with the number 3 and the southeast represents number 4. Number 8 is a sacred number in feng shui and if you want a more dramatic manifestation this could be ideal for you.


Now when you know a little more about Feng Shui lucky bamboo, why don’t you give it a try to boost your luck and attract the auspicious qi?

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