Feng Shui Wealth Laundry Room

Feng Shui Wealth Laundry Room

Feng Shui deals with the positioning and the placement of different objects which goes on with the environment and helps in directing the flow of positive energy towards your house or office wherever you follow the Feng Shui pattern. Each room in your house or office can be taken care of according to the Feng Shui science and you can feel the positive change coming in your life very soon.

Feng Shui in Your Laundry Room

Feng Shui principles can be applied to your laundry room and you can see the accumulation of wealth and happiness in your life. The location of your laundry room is the main thing which can determine the wealth accumulation in your house as laundry rooms are associated with the element water and water can nurture wood which is the element of wealth. Choosing the wealth area in your house to build your laundry room cannot be a good idea. Similarly, you should also not position the laundry room in the fire area of your house as fire and water do not get along well. But there are a number of things you could do so as to cure the problems of flushing out of wealth due to the wrong positioning of the laundry room in your house.

How to Cure the Wrong Positioning of the Laundry Room

The wrong positioning of the laundry room in your place can cause the flushing out of your money and can create financial problems. There are some remedies that can help you to overcome these problems usually caused due to the positioning of the laundry room in the wealth area.;

A large leaved plant can be kept in the laundry room as this is considered as a step to overcome the problem and can help to create wealth and abundance. Similarly, eight stalk of the lucky bamboo are also considered a good remedy against the Feng Shui financial outflow caused by the laundry room in wealth area.

Laundry Room to Attract Wealth

Laundry room when treated carefully and positioned rightly can attract wealth and prosperity into the house. Taking care of a few things regarding your laundry room can take a number of steps towards wealth accumulation by making the laundry room the main wealth attracting room in the whole house.

Here are some things to see to in order to accumulate wealth:-

-Try to create a positive flow of energy by making sure that your laundry room has good lighting facility and has windows which allow beams of natural light to come in.

-Painting the laundry room in light shades, light shades of green and blue which attracts water are the best for laundry rooms. Beige and sandy yellow are also good for the room and you should also see to it that even the wood cabinets in this room are light in shade like the tan color or very light brown shades.

-keep the room clutter free and don’t make your laundry room a space to store unwanted things or dresses. Try to keep the room as clean as possible and don’t pile up the washed or unwashed clothes at every other place in the room.

-Never face the Feng Shui dragon or anything with dragon in it facing the laundry room as the energy of the dragon can get influenced by the negative energy of the dirty water flowing out of the room

- A bowl with colored crystals in your laundry room can also help to attract wealth and prosperity. Different colors of blue and brown are the best ones for the room.

- Make sure that the lid of the washing machine is closed all the time and also make sure of closing the dryer. The doors to the laundry room should never be left open and in case you don’t have a door to your laundry, hang a light colored curtain or beads around your laundry area.

- There are also a number of small and minute things which should be seen to like taking care of every bit of leak that might occur in the laundry room as leak may signify slow loss of wealth. You should also see to it that there is no dirty water remaining in the room and every bit of it is being removed.

Though there are indeed a number of wealth enhancers that you can use in your laundry room, it is always better to use the minimal number of these objects so as to avoid cluttering. Take care that you always keep the laundry room neat and inviting so that positive energy is at work within the room. As the laundry room tents to get untidy very fast you should be seeing to it at regular interval to make sure that the finances are not flowing out rather it is coming in.

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