Different Feng Shui Symbols and Its Significance

Feng Shui is a winning combination of science, art, and intuition, facilitated to enhance every aspect of life. Feng Shui Items are tools and “remedies” that fix the flow of energy when it is stagnant or moving too fast.

Benefits of Feng Shui Items

A Feng Shui product can encourage the flow of energy for additional attention on a part of life. Feng Shui items are symbols of good luck which can be used to spice up a love life, catapult career or fame, and help people to enter your environment, or enhance health issues. Products and devices attract more money into your life or enable bring in a loving relationship. Feng Shui items, tools and gifts are representatives of good fortune that manifest the positive part of chi energies within the living area.

Feng Shui items are facilitated as symbols of good fortune. Some products have hidden manifestations other products are more transparent. Some of the popular Feng Shui items, symbols, cures and adjustments are:

Feng Shui Symbols of Wealth

Old Chinese coins symbolize a combination of heaven and earth. Put them on as amulets, or spread them all over your home or business. A three-legged toad is considered to be one of the most pious of all the Feng Shui items and products to catapult prosperity. Goldfish attracts money into a place and if gifts of fish are exchanged the same is considered to be the sign of goodwill. In Feng Shui, the phoenix and dragon are products of wealth and happiness. Feng Shui items are all about adjusting energy, so establishing beautiful crystals in your rooms are symbols of jewels. A Feng Shui money tree is yet another great product to entice money from the Universe. A pair of gold chopsticks is believed to be an item for good fortune and a great gift. The laughing Buddha is also a Feng Shui item of wealth and progress.

Feng Shui Symbols of Love and Romance

In Feng Shui, love and romance stand for the luck of spending a happy marriage, family life and having several children. On of the popular symbol of lasting love is Mandarin ducks. The same Feng Shui item could be a pair of geese that lead life together. Statuary of the peony represents romance, youth and beauty and upcoming marriage. The lute is an old Feng Shui item and symbol of drawing harmony to the relationship. Feng Shui lanterns can also throw beautiful light drawing joy to families. Red lanterns are symbols of good luck for newly married couple. Pink or rose quartz crystals and other stone items are good in the partnership aspects.

Feng Shui Items for Longevity and Health

There is no luck in the lack of health and long life. Feng Shui generates both for anyone believing and practicing it. A crane is a lucky bird creating harmony and longevity. One more Feng Shui item is a marble crane structure for a garden. A pine tree is a strong Feng Shui item of longevity as it does not shade needles in the winter. A statue or product of a peach tree represents protection and longevity. Bamboo is long lasting and survives in all soils. The bamboo is a Feng Shui item that is flexible and adapts, but won’t break. A perfect Feng Shui tortoise is an auspicious symbol of long life for a practitioner. It is also a representative of wealth, support and protection. Feng Shui facilitates the jade cicada as a sign of immortality and joy. Placing a dried gourd around the home is a nice omen in Feng Shui.

Some Other Feng Shui Items

Not each Feng Shui items represents good luck or good fortune. Red is a strong color and can work as a ribbon. Feng Shui mirrors are items that draw positive energy when it is stagnated and a host of other possibilities. Feng Shui wind chimes create sound that call in help, money, and support. Crystal product channelizes energy flow also. Candles in particular colors beings good Feng Shui cures when some fire and spark is required under any situation. Aromatherapy is also great in any room to add power or clarify the energy. Essential oils when fused with water generate scents that empower or relax the homeowners. There are several more Feng Shui items, products, gifts and clues that can be facilitated.


If you are planning bringing Feng Shui principles into your life, there are a few things to consider prior to purchasing any products. Know your goal and then be led to the right product or Feng Shui items that are perfect for you. Believe that placing the Feng Shui items will fulfill the intention into your life and you will get blessings and wealth for many years.

The most important thing you can do to acquire prosperity and good luck in the world is to alter your own through process about the nature of people, life, reality, and to something more positive and begin to work accordingly.

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