Best Feng Shui House Numbers

Numbers play a prominent role in most of cultures, one that is often a subconscious reaction is the number 13. In several cultures, this symbolizes an unlucky number, yet, in the Chinese tradition, it is the number for a long life. However, if you take the help of numerology, 1 + 3 = 4 then you will come to the inauspicious number 4. It's better to consider the theory behind house numbers.

Theory Behind Feng Shui House Numbers

The general belief that the numbers on your home, your street address, can influence your life, particularly your finances stands on the philosophy of auspicious and inauspicious numbers. Unlike several cultures where the neighborhood you opt to live in will ascertain the kind of lifestyle you experience, the number theory is about the number. In these cultures, your house number can ascertain your home's resale price.

Is It Feng Shui?

There are no such feng shui calculation regarding this number belief theory for an address, per se, but with time it has become principles into modern feng shui practices by generating a kind of paradigm. Therefore, practitioners consider it as a primary aspect of feng shui. Clearly, feng shui house number is about arrangement of your home within the elements. Although, house numbers are something feng shui professionals must believe in since it's an accepted practice of feng shui. This crossover probably developed because of the prominence that numbers have in feng shui, particularly those in which feng shui masters believe to be auspicious and inauspicious.

Beyond the Feng Shui House Number

This number belief system is much greater than limited to your home. It includes all numeric configurations from your social security number to your telephone number. Many people who start their business select numbers with as many eights as possible to get financial success.

Role of Feng Shui House Numbers

The Chinese people believe a few numbers can help you in life by driving particular energies into your life and house. Some numbers can bring good luck to your home and career. Other numbers can drag the opposite outcomes. Feng shui house number is all about balancing the negative and positive energies, so it's quite natural that the theory should also include both aspects of numbers.

How to Determines Fortunate Number

  • There are a few elements that decide if a number is auspicious or inauspicious. You ascertain the number's rank of fortune by its sound when spoken. The dominating language for this process is Cantonese.
  • For instance, the number four appears to be the Cantonese word for death and hence is believed to be very inauspicious. People don’t want to have this number in their home addresses. Probably it was first a type of psychological reaction that gradually got accepted.

Most Auspicious Feng Shui House Numbers

The most auspicious numbers are based on the diction of the numbers which are eight and nine. The number eight is for richness or wealth. Number nine signifies a long life or eternity. Many believe the number two as the number for a happy marriage. Number six attracts energies to enable you have a comfortable life with few troubles bumps.

Remedy to Inauspicious Numbers

You've gone to buy house and found your dream home, but the number of your house is 444. Don't get depressed! It may appear that you have missed out on the right home for you and your relatives. There is a simple feng shui cure for this fuss. All you require to do is change your house number sign. To simmer down the negative effects of the dreaded number four by encircling the numbers. 

Once the 444 has a circle around it, enclosing all of the numbers, you can confidently move into your home as all the negative energies usually drawn and associated with the number four is ceased in their tracks, to add a pun.

Importance of Numerology

Numerologists consider that numbers carry and draw certain vibrations and energies. The homeowner and other resident's date of births effect a lot the inmates of the house according to feng shui. The house birth date (date of completion) is of prominence to feng shui mapping.

Choosing Your New Address

In the entire scheme of things, energy is always the primary concern of feng shui assessments and delineations. A house number is only a small element in the overall feng shui theory.


Now, when you are aware of what to see in feng shui house numbers, you can go for house searching without any confusion. Remember, if you get the ideal house but the number isn't that auspicious, you can follow the guidelines of the circle remedy and still have your dream house without much fuss.

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