Tips for Feng Shui Home Office

Most of us spend a comprehensive amount of time in office. Irrespective of whether it is in your employer's office or your home office, the office ambience can at times be very challenging. Relationship with your business partners or colleagues is a very prominent aspect to unwanted office politics.

Tips for Feng Shui Home Office

While you are working hard to prove yourself an asset to the company and making yourself more valuable at the workplace you should enlist the help of Feng Shui Home Office to enhance your career success. Feng shui is all about balancing the chi or energy around your proximity. By maintaining the balance of energy in your environment, your own energy will be in harmony and you will attract people and chances that correspond to this balance.Here are a few great feng shui home office tips to help generate harmony at the workplace and to enable your career advancement.

Right Support Behind The Back Of Your Sitting Place

The most important feng shui home office tips are to ensure that you are seated having a nice support behind your back. It is very necessary that your back faces a solid surface or a wall. You should always avoid sitting with your back facing a window or door or some other area as this makes you prone to "backstabbing" and "betrayals" in the office. If your back is facing a window, it is very unfortunate as it signifies lack of support. The windows behind you should be closed or a painting of mountains should be hanged to obtain good support to your back.

Clean Clutter In Your Office

Clutter like unfinished files, projects, rough papers, unresolved works, pending files, and disorganized office stationery are extremely bad feng shui to you. Your career will become a mess and you will lose all chance of any career advancements. Clutter bogs you down often. By clearing your clutter and managing your office desk neatly, you create space for new projects and your energy and creativity will catapult.

Choose Your Office Desk In Your Success Position

Put your desk in your success position. It will bring you good success and awesome career growth. Calculating your KUA number is the way to get the idea of your success position. In addition, the right placement for your computer and desk is in a place that allows you to view the door of your office. If this is not feasible, you can retain good Feng Shui home office by placing a mirror on your desk that gives you a clear glimpse of the door.

Separate Your Workspace and Bedroom

Feng shui do not suggest having a workspace in your bedroom. Bedroom is a place of rest. If you have workspace in your bedroom, try to divide it with a screen. You can hang a curtain or a partition to cut off your work table from your bed. In feng shui home office, work and sleep are entirely two different and opposite energies: Work is yang and rest is yin, hence both must not fuse together.

Place Healthy Small Potted Plant On Your Desk

A plant will fuse life into your workspace and will also soak toxins in the air. It is recommended to place a Money Plant on your office desk to draw career luck and income luck. The money plant can also enable you inhibit office politics and unpleasant events in your working environment. A plant on your table will also be able to promote your creativity. Research has manifested that you will be joyous when there is greenery on your table.

Avoid Sitting Directly Facing Someone Else

Always try to avoid sitting at a desk which will make you face directly at someone. This is bad feng shui home office as it is believed that there will definitely be pilling up of bad and confrontational Chi energy between the both of you. Consequently, this will result in conflicts and unpleasant arguments.

Don’t Sit Under Exposed Beam

It is better to work under a structural beam or bright light. The bright beam or light will make you irritable and enables you to perform your work in haste. A good way to come out of this situation is to renovate the ceiling to make it flat.

Carry a Jade Cicada

If you want to ward off any office politics in the office, purchase a jade cicada and keep it in your bag. Jade Cicada is a strong feng shui tool enabling you warding off confusions and conflicts in the office place. It will also bring good luck to your working career or environment.

Display Crystals At Your Work Desk

In feng shui home office, crystals are awesome tool to soak negative energies at work. If you want to ward off office politics and ensure your career is smooth-sailing, you should showcase some crystal balls on your desk to make sure that everything goes well at work.

Use Only One Door In Your Office

Use single door in your office, if there are multiple. Keep rest of the doors closed. This is because you would only like your wealth and money luck to come to you in from the only door and will not go away from other doors.

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