Feng Shui Fish Tank Placement

Feng Shui Fish Tank Placement

Feng Shui helps you to magically convert your life to more prosperous, more positive and more wonderful one just by balancing the energies in the environment and using the correct positioning of objects and different things in your home so that you get a lush of positive energy flowing into your home and life. It can change your life from plain to happy one and even spark your love life with your spouse and other family members. It can help you to acquire wealth, abundance, luck, health, and peace of mind; if you take proper care of different Feng Shui principle.

Feng Shui And Lucky Objects

Many things are considered as lucky by the Feng Shui practitioners and these things help to improve your life. By adding such lucky Feng Shui items to your house hold you can experience the positive energy charms coming through it very soon. Items like laughing Buddha, fish tanks, Feng Shui fountains are just some of the things considered to be lucky according o the science of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui And Fish Tanks

Feng Shui considers fish tanks or aquariums as a medium to attract the energy of wealth and energy and if placed at the right place and looked after properly, this is the best attractor of positive energy in your place be it home or office. But these can also backfire if the proper positioning and routine cleaning of the fish tank is not carried out

The Five Elements In The Aquarium

The fish tank is considered as a favorable Feng Shui energy attractor because it has all the five Feng Shui elements with it, that is water that fills the tank, sand, gravel and small stones in the tank (element Earth), plants and other wooden structures in the aquarium (element wood), the metallic frame of the tank and the stand (Feng Shui element metal) and finally the yellow and orange color of gold fishes and other fishes and the aquarium lighting which means the Feng shui element of fire.

How Big Should a Feng Shui Fish Tank Be

A Feng Shui Fish Tank need not be very big and full of very exotic fishes so that you get the positive energy you want from it. Even a small fish bowl with one or two gold fishes can bring strong changes in the positive energy flow into your house. And moreover a very big fish tank with lots of fish can be a clutter in your house if the room and the house are too small for it. A big tank can go well and look good with a bigger room but in a smaller room it goes against a principle of a neat and well maintained room. Rather than the size of the fish tank, you should take care on the positioning of it and the correct maintenance of the tank to acquire the best result.

Where To Place Your Fish Tank

Fish tank which is a harmony of all the five Feng Shui element can be placed anywhere in your house, except in the bedroom and the kitchen. You can also use the help of a Bangua map so as to find the best place for the fish tank. The region for wealth and abundance is the best place for a fish tank, but if your wealth zone comes anywhere in your kitchen or your bed room, then it’s a big NO. Positioning the fish tank in the carrier regions in the house is also a good idea and is recommended by the Feng Shui.

What Is Wrong About Placing The Fish Tank In Kitchen And Bedroom?

Kitchen and the bedroom are the only place in your house which does not suit to carry a fish tank. Positioning the fish tank in such places may do more harm than bringing in the positive results which you wished for. This is because fish tank may attract too much bad energy or influence the energy and stimulate it too much when placed in these rooms. An aquarium in the kitchen can make you eat more and that in the bedroom can make your sleep restless.

Shape Of The Fish Tank And Its Positioning

The different direction has shapes of the aquarium best suited for it. If your aquarium is being placed in the north area of the room, the shape best going with it will be round and this direction is associated with the element metal. The northeast direction associated with the element wood calls for a square or a rectangle shaped fish tank.

Fishes That Helps To Increase Wealth

The tank and the position of your fish tank may be easily decided upon with the help of Feng Shui. Similarly, Feng Shui also recommends certain fishes related to the wealth increase; the arrowana or the dragon fish are the most suggested wealth increasers in Feng Shui. But these fishes in its purest form may be very expensive due to their high demand. But fishes like Koi and our very own Gold fish can also produce the same effect when petted in your Aquarium. It is said that having eight or nine gold fish including one black one is considered very auspicious in Feng Shui tradition.

It is not just the positioning of the tank, the shape and the fishes in it that makes you prosper, the most important part is to maintain the fish tank with much care and to keep the fishes comfortable, happy and clean all the time so that it attracts loads of positive energy in your home.

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