Feng Shui Dragon Placement

Feng Shui Dragon Placement

Feng Shui Dragon symbols, their strength and purpose are enchanting and at the same time it is real. Some may call it a myth. Some call it a useless belief. The results have been witnessed and successful results have been and will be presently utilized across the world today.

Feng Shui an Earth Science

Feng Shui was developed by the Buddhists, but it is not associated with any religion or spiritual body. It is considered to be an Earth Science. It may be considered as the foundation of Quantum Physics and Relativity.

Feng Shui Dragon A Powerful Symbol

The United States and the western countries believe in this practice and philosophy and are facilitating it also as it is real and it does work. It enchants and stimulates the imagination. The Feng Shui Dragon is one of the four celestial animals holding a place of importance yet strong symbol in feng shui. The other three powerful symbols in Feng Shui are the Tortoise, the White Tiger and the Red Bird (the Phoenix).

Ideal Place is east

The Feng Shui Dragon symbolizes the classic Yang symbol, male vigor, bravery and potency. It is generous and full of energy. The Feng Shui Dragon becomes a very strong and potent symbol when placed in the east corner of any house or room, except some exceptions listed below. The dragon image can be put facing in other directions also.

History of Feng Shui Dragon

In Chinese culture and probably even in the Western culture feng shui dragon is the most powerful, auspicious and magnificent of all the other celestial creatures and should be treated with utmost respect. For generations, the dragon has been the classic symbol of luck, harmony, prosperity and honor. In ancient days, Emperors of China considered themselves as dragons and the symbol of dragon could exclusively be used by them only.

The Dragon's cosmic breath is considered to have developed the chi of the universe. Chi is divided into three phases. These are Sheng (moving upwards or moving forward), Si (dying or declining), and Sha (indicative and adverse energy). Feng Shui is the positive and good chi energy in the Sheng category. It is a favorable energy and is witnessed in places that are illuminated, uplifting, and refreshing. Living in such places is generally happy and soothing.

Great for Business

The positive energy Sheng Chi brings good luck and wealth into our homes and workplaces, making it a representative of good luck. The Feng Shui Dragons are a powerful device and motivator of business luck also. They generate foresight and prudence to the elderly, regard and honor to the family and at the same time they protect the owner in the coming years.

The Feng Shui Dragon is the fifth symbol of the Chinese zodiac and it represents earth.

Its companions are the Monkey, the Rat Monkey and the Rooster. The Feng Shui Dragon is often portrayed in paintings, statues or sculptures holding a pearl or ball. This represents victory and success in career and wealth achievement.

Tips to Use Feng Shui Dragon for Better Life

  • For good career and those seeking constant accomplishments, place a dragon figurine on your table, workplace or in the East side of your office. Your professional luck will grow.
  • You can charge up the dragon by putting it in the eastern part of your home or living room. This brings harmony and good health to the family of the house.
  • Place your dragon image close to your aquarium or a fountain for good fortune and achievement in your career. It will also work wonders if you are looking for fame and recognition.
  • Metal Feng Shui Dragons or decorative metal Dragons can be facilitated to fend-off evil effects of the troublesome 5 yellow star and the 2 black stars. The black 2 star is also considered as the sickness star at it brings disease and illnesses. The 5 yellow stars is the evil star and it instigates conflicts, accidents and deaths. Establishing the metallic Dragon in these areas will ward off these energies. A six-rod wind chime of brass can be a good feng shui remedy.
  • Place the Feng Shui Dragon in a northern area to catapult your career star. By placing it in a northern corner, it will help you climb the career ladder.
  • If you are born of the dragon year, establish the dragon on the east parts of your work place or study table to enhance good wealth.
  • By establishing the dragon in the northwest side of your home, this will bring mentors, advisors and powerful comrades into your life.

Things to Remember for Feng Shui Dragon

  • Place the dragon equal to the eye level or lower to it. It will enable to ensure that they are still under our control. Never place nine dragons all over the house, as it symbolizes number nine. The maximum number of dragons that is acceptable is five.
  • Try not to place any feng shui dragon within the bedroom as the dragon is the yang symbol and it is not placed where there is yin energy present. This will generate a competitive effect and the dragon effect will cease to work.
  • You should not place your dragon close to the toilet or in the bathroom. As bathroom water is used for flushing and cleaning, it symbolizes the unclean water.
  • Also refrain from putting it in the closet or a garage as dragon is associated with activity and placing it in activity room will not be wise.

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