Top 10 Secrets About Feng Shui Door Placement

Top 10 Secrets About Feng Shui Door Placement

A professional Feng Shui consultant would be able to explain you about 75% of what's happening in your life by evaluating your front entrance, kitchen and bedroom. Sounds incredible, but that’s true! Latest Classical Feng Shui door placement can forecast the influence these areas will have on owners of the home. The more people who pass through an entrance, the more rapid the flow of energy and the more effective the door becomes. There are certain principles which can enable you assure that your front door attracts positive energy: 

Top 10 Tips For Feng Shui Door Placement

  1. Your front door generates the first impression to you and others who enter. A home with an inviting entrance will relax visitors and draw good fortune. The path associated with your doorway must be neat and clean without any obstacles hindering the way of flowing energy into your home. Get rid of old newspapers, bicycles, garden hoses, overgrown or dead plants and trees. Maintaining an open path enables good opportunities to flow into your life. Get rid of those cobwebs also. Having an appealing doormat and planting lush flowers along the walkway and close to the front gate encourages good energy to come into your home and makes your home more welcoming.
  2. A main door that opens clockwise into the home attracts more energy within the home. All doors must open freely and completely. Don’t place anything behind a door that disallows the door to open completely. Take some oil and eliminate any creaks, squeaks, or locks that are difficult to open. Repair and ginger up your front door as early as it displays any of these signs of trouble.
  3. A strong and solid front door is recommended than a glass door and offers more support and safety. Glass paneling just above the door is acceptable. Your house number or name should not fade, it should be clearly visible. Placing the individual numbers of your address on a slant is also auspicious. The greater the identification, the better it is for your career, identification and an active social life.
  4. Your main door should be in line with the size of your home. If it is too big, it can lead to financial difficulty and lost opportunities. If it is too small, it can generate confliction within the family. Also, if the front door is divided into two panel sections, then they should be same in size and shade.
  5. Your front door must not open on churches, funeral homes or cemeteries. These places are full of yin energy and can substantially cause illness, fears, depression, and there is possibility of financial losses as well. You can plant small trees or add a wall to obstruct the view from these unfortunate sites. You should not plant a single tree in line with your front gate as it will block positive energy from entering your home.
  6. There should not be any telephone towers or sharp edges, which are known as poison arrows facing your front door from neighboring rooftops or any other buildings. The electromagnetic energy coming from electrical stations or telephone stations can lead to health dilemmas. And poison arrows can result in hard luck, illness or even problems in career or business. While it is always advisable to avoid such an entrance, you can also plant small plants to block the view.
  7. Your front door should not be facing the gap between two buildings. It can probably lead your savings to be squandered away. Your front door must not face a garbage heap also. By blocking the view, you will simmer down the negative impacts coming from an adverse location. Plant small bushes or erect a small retaining wall to block any such sight.
  8. Your front door should open into a large bright living room. It should offer warmth and soothing feeling. You should not be welcomed by a wall immediately entering your home. It may block your progress. Place a picture on this wall that has dimension and depth to it. You could also hang a mirror on a side wall but do not place a mirror in front of the main door.
  9. In Asian countries, peoples remove shoes just inside the front gate. Keeping shoes off your front entrance will keep your home purer, along with keeping you more associated to your home's earth energies. Culturally, westerners may not have the same concept. So it is imperative then to clean and replace your doormat periodically as it also absorbs dust, dirt, and stagnant energy.
  10. If you enter via your garage door or some other side door, then that door is also treated as your main entrance. It is necessary then that this area should also be clean. Place a welcome sign in the garage or welcome yourself with an inspirational saying or images that leave you smiling. Paint the room using an appealing color and beautify this area just as you would the original entrance.


The essence of these tips is the experience of Feng Shui door placement; entering your home should be like greeting an amiable friend - one who is welcoming, warm, and dedicated to support you and relax you. By making these adjustments suggested above, your appealing and welcoming entrance will attract good luck to your home.

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