Feng Shui and Cleansing Burns

Feng Shui and Cleansing Burns

Have you been under negative effect some time now without being able to pin point the exact reason as to where the fault lies.  Has everything you are doing lately turning out to be a mess, and your finance, personal relationship and happy days all gone wrong somewhere. Well, then you may be surrounded by some negative energy which is preventing you from getting the result and happiness you are hoping for. This negative energy `which has been affecting you lately can come from the stagnating energy of previous occupant of the office or house you are currently using or maybe from the negative energy that surround you and your dwelling place. Anyhow, there is a way to get rid of this energy stagnant or not; the Feng Shui cleansing burns can do the magic.

Feng Shui Cleansing Burns

The Feng Shui cleaning burns can help you to get off the negative energy from wherever you want to so that you can start afresh and that too with a lot of confidence and positive energy. There are a number of ways by which you can carry out a cleansing burn and clear off sha or negative energy so as to bring back the confidence and happiness in your life.

Burning Incense

The burning of incense is one of the methods which can help to get rid of the negative energy from the places where it has festered. Burning incense which is considered to be holy practice by many, cleanses the negative energy in the room or even the whole house according to Feng Shui practitioners. The two main type of incense recommended by Feng Shui which can be used as cleansing burn are rosemary and sandalwood. Both of these which gives out a pleasant smell can also sooth yourself and help you to get hold of the emotions in you.

In order to use the incense as a cleansing burn, the first thing to do is to clear off every clutter in the room you wish to cleanse and then dust it and mop it well and good. The room should be thoroughly cleaned and sparkled before lighting the incense and you can also leave the windows of the room fully open so as to permit the flow of fresh clean air into the room. The opening of the windows is not compulsory and you can do it only if the weather permits to do so. To do the cleansing, light the incense in a holder and keep it on the floor right in the middle of the room you wish to cleanse, or if you wants to cleanse the whole floor you can keep it in the centre of every floor in your home or office building.

Smudge Stick

The Smudge stick is a cleansing burn which can be used to clean your soul and the energy surrounding you; it can also be used to cleanse a small room or a space. Using a smudge stick, you should be careful to fan the smoke time after time as it can go out in a short time if proper fanning is not provided. To cleanse your aura with a smudge stick, after lighting the smudge stick you have to blow off the fire and then point the waft of smoke rising from it towards your head and then slowly towards your feet. Be careful to raise your feet when the smudge stick which is pointing as you don’t want the negative energy under your sole to stick on to you even after the cleansing is completed.

In case you are using this cleansing burn to remove the negative energy from a space or a room, you have to walk with the smudge stick to every nook and corner of the space after blowing out the fire on it. Remember to focus on the corners for a bit longer time as the negative energy tends to be more in corners than other spaces. You should always be conscious of the smudge stick and keep it going by fanning occasionally.

When To Use The Cleansing Burns

The cleansing burn can be used anytime you wish to cleanse of the negative energy surrounding you or your place. The cleaning burn can be used to clear off the negative energy just prior to moving into a new house or an office so that any negative energy left by the previous occupant is removed for good. You can use the cleansing burns after a conflict or after anyone gets ill as there will be negative energy cumulated for sure after such incidents. 

The cleansing burn is also very much recommended in sick rooms, waiting rooms or hospitals where the pressure of the negative energy is high. You can even use it on regular basis at such places and if you prefer to do so at your house its well and good. It is believed that using the cleansing burn during prayer and meditation also helps in fighting off negative energy. Chanting good thoughts or good wishes for others while using the cleansing burns can assist to release off the negative thoughts from the mind and also help to spread positive thoughts and positive energy into the environment and the people near you.

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