Feng Shui Mirror Facing Bedroom Door

Feng Shui Mirror Facing Bedroom Door

A lot has been said and written about the mirror in the bedroom. The major question is – is it bad for Feng Shui if a mirror is placed in the bedroom? What is the thumb rule governing placement of mirrors in the bedroom? 

Thumb Rules for Feng Shui Mirror Bed Room

As a guideline the mirror should be placed in a way which should not reflect your image from the bed. It is advisable to place mirrors in the attached bathroom or in the walk-in lobby. If you anyway insist to have a mirror in the bedroom, buy a free standing large mirror that can be kept away from the bed when you go to sleep. 

What About Wedding Photos

What if you want to place your wedding photo? Is it fine to place it above the bed head?It depends a lot on where you live. If you live in an earthquake area, then you should certainly find a safer area for your wedding photo. If the photo frame cannot be hanged securely, a minor tremor can crash the photo frame upon you and your partner. And this will definitely qualify as bad Feng Shui! 

What is Bad Feng Shui Mirror Bed Room?

A mirror directly facing the bed decreases your personal energy when you require it the most: at night when your body is regaining energy and doing most of its repair work. A mirror facing your bed is also believed to bring the energy of the third person into your relationship. 

Remedy for Having a Mirror Facing Bed

  • If you have placed mirrors on closet doors, the best remedy is to do a good job with curtains that can be closed at night. It can appear as if you made a window covering for another window – during the daytime you can enjoy all the brightness, lights and fresh air for the bedroom that mirrors can attract, and at night you can close the curtains covering the mirrored closet doors.
  • Another remedy is to simply remove the mirrors of the closet doors. 
  • If you have furniture having a mirror built into it and you are unable to remove it, look at creative parts of it. If the mirror can be angled in another way - just angle the mirror in a way that it stops reflecting the bed at night and it’s done! 
  • A small rack of books with appropriate titles for the bedroom, or a free standing piece of bedroom art piece may work for hiding the mirror - it is up to you to figure out what can cover the mirror the best way so that you do not view yourself in it during night.
  • Generally, big mirrors are not suggested, in feng shui mirror bed room as they attract the energy of the Feng Shui element of water, and such energy can lead to the energy of sorrow in your bedroom.


But this does not say that you cannot place a mirror in the bedroom. If the mirror does not reflect the bed then the mirror can be well placed in your bedroom, and you can enjoy your feng shui mirror bed room. It is also ok to have very small mirrors fixed in the design of your headboard but certainly not appreciated in good feng shui to have a mirrored headboard.

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