Feng Shui Bed Placement

Feng Shui Bed Placement

One third of our life is spent on sleeping. Not only is it a comprehensive chunk of time, but it is such a time that is spent unconsciously. We are most vulnerable when we sleep, most inclined towards subtle influences that our waking minds might shrug off. Because of all these components, feng shui bed placement immense importance on where a bed is placed in the room, or more specifically, the direction the bed is pointing to.

Feng Shui Bed Placement Significance:

The "direction" of a bed can be crucial. The direction of the bed is the direction an arrow would be pointing if you are lying in the bed and the head of the arrow is where your head is and your feet are the end of the arrow. There are two types of directions applicable with feng shui bed placement. The first is the direction the bed is pointing, and another is which part of the room (North, South, East and West) the bed is virtually in. Of the two, the pointing direction is of utmost importance, but its impact can be catapulted or diminished by where the bed is placed in the room. There is in fact a third direction which plays a role, though it doesn’t matters that prominently, and that is the complete room's placement in relation to the rest of the house.
Now that the placement of bed is clear, here are the nine important directions and what each one is considered to be in terms of bed placement.

Feng Shui Bed Placement in North

This Feng Shui bed placement is great for spirituality and feelings of calm. This position can be very helpful for those who are unable to get sufficient sleep and for elderly people who are light sleepers. The risk is that being it too soothing this direction is often also termed as the death placement. Avoid this position if your life feels boring.

Feng Shui Bed Placement North-East

Avoid the bristly, unstable energy of the North-East during sleeping. This direction is basically not good in feng shui, but sleeping facing this direction would be particularly bad. It could lead nightmares. The only time when it would help you is if you want to get motivated, a real spike of motivation. But don't place the bed facing North-East for too long.

Feng Shui Bed Placement towards East

This is the ideal position for children and for individual with a feeling that they have their entire life ahead of them. You should sleep having the East towards your head if you aspire to grow a lot, either in your career or by making your life much more active and fruitful. Depressed individuals as well as entrepreneurs should sleep facing this direction.

Feng Shui Bed Placement towards South-East

People who coordinate and liaise for a living can perform well when they sleep in this direction. It will not only make your liabilities simpler for you, but also offer you some of the actual growths of the East position, but take it easy just a bit for steady, sustainable accomplishment. This position is also excellent for those who are into creative industry.

Feng Shui Bed Placement towards South

A South-facing bed is great if you want to have a fabulous weekend romantic retreat, but at the same time you don't wish to stay in this direction for longer. It is too busy, full of high energy. You may end up conflicting with people from this position. At times, you require extra confidence and the confidence to stand up and argue. If the situation is so, give a try for a week of South-facing sleep.

Feng Shui Bed Placement toward South-West

This is the best placement for family harmony and consolidated, peaceful relationships. It is ideal for people who are well established, as otherwise the energy of satisfaction from this direction may be extremely soothing for generating new career or starting new assignments.

Feng Shui Bed Placement towards West

Income and love lie to the West direction. It’s a good place to be. There's also a great sense of contentment, which will give you a good sleep. But, like the South-West, the West energy may be severely mellow for you if it is a time in your life when you require mustering courage and go. This position is ideal for "lie back and take it easy" attitude.

Feng Shui Bed Placement towards North-West

This is the direction of authority and wisdom for parents, older people, and people in positions of power. The North-West placement also pulls off the very soothing Northern energy, so you can assure of getting a sound sleep pointed towards North-West than any other directions.

Feng Shui Bed Placement for Wealth

Placement of bed in Feng Shui is also important as is clear by the above mentions. Try to apply these Feng Shui Bed Placement techniques to attract peace, harmony, and progress in your personal and professional life.

Feng Shui Bed Placements Tips

Feng Shui Bed Placements to Apply

  • Have a compact headboard
  • Get a compassionate mattress
  • Make sure the bed is a virtuous height
  • Make sure the bed is situated as far from the door as potential
  • Have a good auxiliary wall behind your bed.
  • Place basis and well-adjusted energy on both sides of the bed
  • Keep your bed extreme long from any TVs, desks, or other disturbances

Escaping Negative Energy

  • Avoid a reflect glass that faces your bed or a emulated set of closet doors
  • Refrain from locating your bed straight under a beam
  • Skip sprays and aquatic features
  • Keep flowers and floras outside of your room
  • Avoid hoarding clutter around your bed or forceful one side of your bed against a wall.
  • Get rid of your TV
  • Put your books somewhere

Creating Stability through Colors

  • Embrace fire element colors for craving and energy
  • Contain earth toned colors for sustenance and stability
  • Include "metal" colors for transparency and preciseness
  • Consist of pastel colors to add concord and peacefulness to your bedroom

Making Other Attentions

  • Deliberate of your bedroom as an oasis
  • Have soft striking
  • Be aware of the location of the windows
  • Have motivating art in your bedroom
  • Aim for likeness
  • Get rid of apparels you no extended wear
  • Avoid photos of families or friends who are watching you.
  • Make sure your bedroom isn't too jam-packed
  • Get rid of any confusion.

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