Feng Shui Bathroom Design Ideas

Feng Shui Bathroom Design Ideas

Feng Shui Bathroom decorating creates an environment which enables positive energy, or chi, to flow in a particular area generating a sense of harmony. This kind of decorating accomplishes this by facilitating and balancing the five elements of fire, water, earth, wood and metal. While the water components definitely make us think of bathrooms, the bathroom is probably the greatest challenge in terms of using Feng shui bathroom decorating inspirations. This is because Feng Shui is based on the belief that the bathroom area of the house is a trouble area that drains away happiness and prosperity, hence inviting health, emotional and financial troubles to take charge.

How to Make Feng Shui Bathroom

Feng shui offers us guidelines on the ways to embellish in a positive style that instills Chi and sustains the positive attributes of your finances, relationships, and health. The first phase of using Feng shui bathroom decor is to clear all clutter from your bathroom. The objective of this process is to get rid of the old negative energy and to start afresh. Once this is done, you can start with the real decorating process.

Feng Shui Bathroom Colors

When selecting a color scheme for the bathroom, don’t forget that the colors that you choose should reflect the value of the components.

  • Wood- Green and Blue
  • Water- Black and Blue
  • Earth- Brown and Yellow
  • Metal- White and grey
  • Fire- Red and Orange

Light Color is Ideal

Feng shui decoration is more inclined towards light colors that you would find in an aquarium like cream and pale blue. These colors will be enabling to generate a feeling of harmony. Facilitating red is suggested if your bathroom falls in the center of the house. The color red symbolizes the fire element and combats the loss of wealth. This benefit can also be accomplished by incorporating a candle to the décor.

Add Metal, Earth and Wood Element

The metal element can be encouraged by adding a mirror to the bath décor. Some practitioners suggested using two mirrors for the best feng shui decorating results. You can add the wood element into your decorating by placing bamboo plant or other fresh plants around the bathroom. These articles yield optimum results when they are placed facing a mirror. A bowl of fresh flowers, floral potpourri, or large pebbles attract the earth element, which allows monitoring and balancing the water element's presence. Proper illumination assists to catapult the effects of all the elements. For this reason, make sure adding an extra lighting fixture if needed.

What we have to do if Bathroom is at Improper Place?

Feng shui decoration faces a great challenge when the bathroom falls in an improper area of the house. The areas that are believed to be improper, by the guidelines of Feng shui decorating, are adjacent to the main entrance of the home, in the middle of the house and above either the kitchen or main entrance. The main entrance is from where all opportunities rush into the home. If there is a bathroom close to it, the bathroom will inhibit any chances of Chi. There are many changes that you can do to get the optimum outcomes of Feng shui decoration and to combat the adverse effects of having a bathroom close to the primary entrance.

Antidotes for Feng shui Bathroom

  • Always close the bathroom door.
  • Keep the toilet lid shut.
  • Keep any open drains closed when are not used.
  • Put an earth related article in every corner of the bathroom.
  • Ensure to place two mirrors instead of one and have the bamboo reflect off of one or both the mirrors.
  • Open the windows often.
  • Use gold colored towels to attract wealth and prosperity.


The art of Feng shui bathroom decorating can generate much joy, happiness and great opportunity to your house. If you require some other help, facilitate a Bagua map, which are available online. Feng shui techniques can be used in multiple parts of the home. However, it is necessary to ensure to learn about how to utilize the theme prior to you start as each room has its own set of guidelines. Most importantly, once your decoration is over, don’t forget to light a candle, play some soft music and take a warm bath to enable combining all the elements bringing peace and harmony to yourself.

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