How to Use Feng Shui Bagua

How to Use Feng Shui Bagua

The term “bagua” is originated from the book of the I-Ching, a pious text facilitated to forecast the future. But the word may appear to be unfamiliar to you. ‘Feng Shui Bagua’ is one of the most primary tools of Feng Shui for Feng Shui beginners.

What Bagua Stands for

An old Chinese term “bagua” stands for “eight parts” (“ba”=eight, “gua”=part) and Feng Shui bagua is a layout or chart that categorizes the different areas of your life to the 8 portion of your living space. These eight prominent sections of a space are characterized by what are known as “guas” of the bagua chart. The bagua map can also manifest a ninth center section that associates with the 8 major related life areas. So in the layout of bagua map nine main energy points are displayed that are most valuable.

Key Features of ‘Feng Shui Bagua’

  • Feng Shui Bagua enables you to categorize your living area into 9 sections that corresponds the “gua” distribution. This allows you to see the prominent relationships between sections of your house (or parts of a room) and other aspects of your life.
  • When handling a pressing problem, you should initially ascertain which of the eight life guas it fits in. For instance, if you are having a fight with your son that would come into the children gua, in the same way incompatibility with your job would correspond to the career and wealth guas.
  • After you ascertain the problem area, bring out the bagua map and see which portion of your house needs some alteration in order to rectify the imbalanced energies.
  • The Feng Shui bagua enables you to realize where you need to focus or make enhancements to eliminate problem areas and which areas of the house you should emphasize on.
  • Individual guas have separate and exclusive personalities, symbols, and corresponding elements. When you know about every element and its meaning, the bagua elucidates how you can make soothing and correct enhancements to your living space facilitating one or more elements.
  • Feng Shui study enables you to create right associations between several areas of the house and decorative pieces and uses those in getting healing touches by rectifying the pressing problem.

Goal of Feng Shui

The goal in Feng Shui is to obtain harmony and happiness in our lives. Feng Shui believes this is the most prominent aspect of living. The nine-bagua areas are Health, Reputation, Family, Competencies and Knowledge, Career, Relationships and Love, Prosperity, Helpful People and Travel and Creativity and Children.

Balancing All 9 Sections

Some people in their first tryst with Feng Shui are most attracted to the areas of "Prosperity" or "Relationships and Love". Prosperity and love are quite strong motivators for several of us. And in the western culture especially they think "more" is always welcome. If one pill will cure a headache, two should do it in halt the time. But, sadly, neither Feng Shui nor medicine generally works that way. It is a wrong concept in Feng Shui to emphasize on only a few bagua areas and focus all your efforts on those. Feng Shui yields results on balance not on excess, and imbalanced thinking generally leads to disappointing results.

Moderation is the Key to Right Balance

There are people who think that prosperity or money can bring them happiness. You might have noticed health concepts or career fanatics pursue single goal at the cost of all others. Moderation is a key to right balance. Not to say you must not have high targets, but to be happy you have to balance, in all the nine life event sections. Feng Shui teaches bringing balance as all the baguas corresponds and supports each other. The secret to happiness is not to neglect any of the nine areas.

Benefits of Feng Shui

Feng Shui helps us utilize our environment to ascertain our intentions and initiate the creative process. To optimize our life we need to have each area helping all of the other areas so the best possible plan for our lives can be realized. We need to balance our Feng Shui ambience as we can't control everything in our lives and our surroundings to make everything right for us. In fact, the more we try to be in control the more likely we are prone to problems.

Feng Shui Merits Third in an Old Chinese Teaching

Balancing our Feng Shui environment emphasizes we connect to the creative way that keeps the world moving so we can attract those elements which are in our vested interest. According to old Chinese teachings our life is influenced by luck, destiny, Feng Shui, virtues, and education. Many people believe the last one, our education, is what enables us to build our own destiny. Others believe that their virtues will bring them good luck. It's interesting that the teaching merits luck as the greatest influence and Feng Shui is third. By balancing our Feng Shui influences, we are trying to set the creative procedure in motion that will offer us the greatest opportunity of achieving harmony and happiness. We can use Feng Shui to help us in this effort. Even if it is a 100% cure, we still have luck and destiny to handle, but at least with Feng Shui we can give it an attempt.

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