Feng Shui Astrology

Feng Shui Astrology

What is Feng Shui Astrology

People who are aware of Feng Shui Astrology know that the Five Elements play an important role in Feng Shui calculations. These five elements are earth, fire, metal, water, and wood. The five elements can be facilitated to enhance particular energies or inhibit some from getting activated within the living space. Methods like the flying stars, annual stars, annual distress and eight mansions facilitate the five element principle. In Chinese Astrology, the five element theory also acts as the foundation for ascertaining a Four Pillars chart (often termed as BaZi). Let’s see what Four Pillars are? How it relates to Feng Shui Astrology.

Four Pillars of Feng Shui Astrology

The Four Pillars encompasses the Hour, Year, Month, and Day, hence, each of them is a separate pillar. It also has a celestial stem with an earthly branch, therefore, it is made of eight characters, and hence the Chinese name Bazi or Eight Characters. The celestial stem in a Four Pillars birth chart can consist of any of the ten stems: Yin Metal, Yin Wood, Yin Fire, Yang Earth, Yang Fire, Yin Earth, Yang Water, Yang Metal, Yang Wood and Yin Water.

Similarly the earthly stems are: Ox, Dog, Tiger, Rabbit, Rat, Snake, Horse, Goat, Dragon, Monkey, Rooster, and Pig. Each of the animal is made of one or more hidden elements.

2010 is the year of the Tiger. When you read the Four Pillars, the consultant would offer  you with an epitome of your luck cycle and probably the annual stars as the cycles can often bring major changes in your life from good to bad or vice versa.

Association of Four Pillars with Feng Shui Astrology

So did you see how does the Four Pillars associate with Feng Shui consultations? It is imperative for the practitioner to first detect the favorable and unfavorable components of their birth chart. Each of the elements is related to a particular direction in Feng Shui Astrology and the same is applicable for the Four Pillars.

To maintain an easy approach, fire is to the South, earth is to the Southwest and Northeast, metal is to the West and Northwest, water is to the North, and wood is to the East and Southeast. The substances and animals are also based on seasons. The spring is the season of the Tiger, Dragon and Rabbit; summer is for the Snake, Horse and Goat; in autumn Monkey, Rooster and Dog are more prominent; and lastly, in the winter, the Pig, Rat and Ox play a great role.

To quickly conclude the five element theory, every element generates, monitors, or reduces an element. For instance, water creates wood, wood produces fire, fire makes earth, earth generates metal, and metal give birth to water. While water generates wood, wood itself reduces water; the same is applicable for fire turning wood to ashes and so forth. On the other hand, water monitors fire, fire controls metal, metal tracks wood, wood controls earth, and earth monitors water.

How to Use Four Pillars in Life

If the bread earner of the household has a four pillars map which likes metal, it would be advisable that the person bought a house facing west, as West manifest metal energy. In addition, sleeping with the head facing the west is also good. White colors and round substances are also pertaining to metal, hence, using colors and shapes can also influence one's attitude and life. Some people may believe that they are endowed with a certain element. For example, one may find overabundance of water in their map; it is ideal for this individual to inhibit North, since water is to the North, and Northwest and West should also be given a cold feet since metal produces more water. Using East and Southeast can work as antidote as they are the path of wood and wood reduces water.

The use of the Four Pillars can enable ascertain where one can prosper on our planet. If a person questions about their career and wants to know which countries can be the ideal place to work in, ascertaining the favorable elements can enable a practitioner solve this problem.

Shapes - Crucial Aspect in Feng Shui Astrology

Shapes can be facilitated as part of the remedy. For instance, fire is of a triangular shape, earth is of square, metal is round, water is a wave-like shape, and wood is considered to be rectangular. These shapes can be used in the living space if you want to invite water. It is very prominent in Hong Kong as many restaurants would facilitate few colors, shapes and patterns to embellish their restaurants in addition to figurines and statues.

Using Feng Shui Astrology to Avoid Troubles

The practitioner can also offer you antidotes in terms of how you can cut down the impact of problem undergone from the luck cycle or yearly stars. For those who may expect health problems in the luck cycle, a practitioner can put their bedroom in the Tien Yi position by facilitating the Eight Mansions principle in Feng Shui Astrology. They can also place their bedroom in the Eighth sitting star by using the Flying Stars theory.


As you saw, there are several ways in Feng Shui astrology that can be administered after doing a precise study for a client using the Four Pillars. After becoming a professional Feng Shui practitioner, with the right training and experience, you can ascertain most favorable and unfavorable components. You can also come up with antidotes to trigger a part of your life like career, wealth, health and relationship.

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