Female Sterilization Recovery

Female Sterilization 

Your general practitioner will strongly suggest counseling before sending you for sterilization. Counseling will give you an opportunity to discuss about the operation at length and talk about any worries, confusions or questions that you might have.

Pregnancy Test Before Female Sterilization

Before you have the operation, a pregnancy test will be conducted on you to ensure you are not pregnant. It is vital because once the surgeon blocks your fallopian tubes there is a great risk that any pregnancy will become ectopic in which the fertilized egg grows outside the womb, generally in the fallopian tubes leading to multiple complications and it is life threatening.

You will be instructed to use contraception until the day of the operation, and to continue consuming it until your next period if you are getting your fallopian tubes blocked or you may need to consume it for three months if you are having fallopian implants.

Recovery from Female Sterilization

Once you have recovered from the influence of anesthesia, passed urine and have eaten something, you will be allowed to go home. If you leave hospital within hours of the operation, you must have your relative or any friend to pick you up, or take a taxi.

The healthcare provider treating you in hospital will let you know what to expect and how to care for yourself post surgery. They may provide you a contact number to call in case of any complication or any questions.

It is normal to feel unwell and a bit uncomfortable for a couple of days. You need to take rest for a couple of days. You must avoid lifting weight for about a week.

You may experience some slight vaginal bleeding. Use a sanitary napkin rather than a tampon until it is gone. You may also feel some pain, identical to period pain. You would be prescribed painkillers to subside this pain. If the pain or bleeding deteriorates, seek medical advice.

In case you have tubal occlusion to block your fallopian tubes, you will have a wound that would have been stitched. Some stitches may be dissolvable and disappear over a period of time and some will require removal. In the later case you would be given a follow-up appointment for this.

Precaution After Female Sterilization

Your sex life will not be suffering. You can have sex as soon as you are comfortable to do so post operation. Remember, sterilization cannot protect you from STIs, don’t stop using barrier contraception like condoms if you are not very sure of your partner's sexual health.