Female Sterilization History

Female Sterilization

It is by far the most effective practice of sterilization method for the couple who are unwilling to add further progeny to the existed ones. Female sterilization is an uncomplicated, well-protected surgical procedure performed with less dosages of local anesthesia. The process constitutes a trivial incision being made by the doctor in the woman’s abdomen. The process involves blocking the fallopian tubes. Since these tubes facilitate moving eggs from the ovaries to the uterus, when they are blocked, the woman’s egg cannot meet the man’s sperm, leading to the sterilization process.

Ideally, the woman is entitled to undergo this exercise six weeks after conceiving the baby. In the cases of abortion, the waiting period is even lesser i.e.48 hours.  The efficacy of this method is partially dependent on how well the tubes are obstructed.  The instances of getting pregnancy are miniscule as mere 0.5 pregnancies per 100 women (1 in 200) are recorded in the first year after the patient undergoes the treatment. Over a period of decade, the productive factor goes up to 1.8 pregnancies per 100 women (1 in 55).  

History of Female Sterilization

Tubal sterilization was the most popular contraception method available in the US before it made way for the advance treatment of female sterilization. The medical history reveals that female sterilization was done during the period preceding 1960. With increasing percentage of population evincing interest in family planning with safer and more viable methods, female sterilization became the focal point of method of contraception during the period of 1960s. It is the most widespread method of female sterilization  in the US.

Purpose of Female Sterilization

Since unbridled population often happens to be the chief factor that restrains the growth of any nation, governments have looked out for ways and means to cope with the surmounting problem. Female sterilization is observed to be the most accepted way of curtailing the burgeoning population of any country.

Types of Female Sterilization

There are two methods of female sterilization in vogue, namely:

●    Hysteroscopy

  1. Micro Inserts

●   Laparoscopic

      -     Electrocoagulation
      -     Falope Ring
      -     Hulka Clip and Filshie Clip