Feeding Your Toddler

It is very important for toddlers to have a healthy and balanced diet as this will provide all the nutrients and vitamins needed for them to grow. There will be days when a child fusses and refuses to eat whatever he/she is served. Here are a few ideas on getting them to eat well.

Tips to Feeding a Toddler


Offer the child good choices and let them decide how much they will eat. Children will usually eat enough by way of calories and meet their needs.


Ensure that meals and snacks are given at fixed timings and accounting for nap times. A toddler should have 3 regular meals and at the most 2 or 3 snacks. Some of the snacks could be fruit, cheese, yogurt with fruit, half a sandwich, smoothie with fruit and/or milk or even pancakes.

Spacing Meals:

The main meal of the day should be offered when they have been awake and active for a while. If they get up from a nap, a drink or snack would be more appropriate. Meals and snacks should be spaced evenly through the day to prevent the child from getting too hungry.

Interesting Meals:

It is a good idea to present the food in a fun way. Give them a variety of sweet and salty meals so that they eat different foods and get nutrients in. A sampling of sweet foods would look like:

  • fruit salad and yogurt
  • custard with fruit
  • muffin and fruit

Foods For a Toddler

Ensure that foods from the four main groups are included:

  • Starchy foods like cereal, rice and pasta, whole grains and root vegetables.
  • Food with iron and protein like fish, nuts, eggs and lentils.
  • Dairy related products like milk and cheese to ensure a good supply of calcium for their bones.
  • Drinks: Water, milk and fresh fruit juices are the best for kids. Juices should be restricted only to meal times.