Fashion Trends For Women

Woman wants to look her best at all times. Be it casual wear or a party dress, she desires the latest. Here are the latest fashion trends for women.

Latest dress trends:

Pleated dresses, maxi dresses, high waist pants, knee length skirts and trench-coat dresses are some of the season’s favorites. Textures to try out are fur, sheers and leather. Bright colored dresses are in, so are mixed prints or bold prints skirts and blouses. Also look out for Chinese porcelain prints and Japanese kimono inspired designs.

Latest nail trends:

Fashion trends for women have taken nail style to a different height. Fashionistas recommend soft yellows, classic red, solid gold, black jewel tones, silvery white, icy blue and plum, for nail color. Manicures with racy stripes, reverse French manicures, color-merge manicures, lace nail art, half moon manicures with dual nail colors are the way to go.

Latest hair trends:

Try some of these hairstyles: wet hair, tousled knots, slick centre parted hair, dewy ringlets, ponytail, the pony bun, half up do, loose blow dried hair, braids, twists and embellished updos. Embellishments include cage barrettes, hair pins, feathers and pearl hair pins.

Latest make- up trends:

Sparkles in make-ups are the latest of the fashion trends for women.

  • Use candy colored liquid eye-liners.
  • Shimmering metallic eye shades are the rage; try the frosted pink, electric blue or the silvery moonshine shades. Alternately, smoky eyes look good for those special party nights.
  • Pump up your lips with glamorous lip glosses; shades of pink and red are the trend.

Latest party footwear:

Top five fashionable footwear of the season are
- Tip-toed heels
- Pencil heels
- Boots
- Knee-length tie ups
- Gladiators
Choose the right pair and get the heads turning. 

Latest handbags:

Huge tote bags are out and clutches are in. They come in all colors and textures. Choose from embellished metal clutches, box- type geometric clutches or small rounded clutches. Their clasps are also fancy. Clasps come embellished or simply shimmered; they look great anyway. So grab your clutch for that umber rich look. 

Latest accessories:

Glitter is in this season. Choose from a range of glitter/shimmer belts, scarves, earrings and especially the glitter bangle bracelets. Deck up your party wear with danglers or neck pieces; try not to pair both as they look loud. Keep it simple. If you decide to go for those solitaire studs then you can wear a simple neck piece to go with it.

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