Tips to Stay Beautiful - Fashion Tips for Women

Looking for a make over this season? Try these six pack fashion tips for women of the new decade.

Fashion Rules:

  • Discover Your Body Type and Work Around It

A woman’s body shape can fall into 5 basic body types

Apple shape: These women tend to carry the bulk of their weight around their waist. So, clothes with longer length and slightly low necklines would suit them best. They should avoid short tops and pleated skirts. 

Pear shape: Women of this category have broader hips. Bold and bright tops with stylish collars would balance such a figure. Avoid tight clothing below your waist as they emphasize the hips.

Strawberry shape: They have narrow waist and broader shoulders. The main idea would be to wear clothes that appear full from waist below. Avoid tapering pants, skirts and puff sleeved tops and halter neck dresses.

Hourglass shape: These are women with a fuller bust and bottom and a thin waist-line. Choose dresses with a perfect fit and avoid baggy, shapeless clothing.

Rectangle shape: Women of this type have a fairly even distribution from chest up to the bottom. Hence they could carry off any kind of clothing with ease. Slim fit jeans and flowing trousers would suit the best.

  • Go for a Clear Wardrobe

When looking for a make over, the best thing to do is to clear your wardrobe completely and start afresh. This effectively means rebuilding your wardrobe from scratch.

  • Shop for the Basics First

Some clothes fall under all-time-favorites. They never go out of fashion and they are must to have for any wardrobe. Shop for those first and go for the perfect fit. These clothes will stay with you for long.

  • Do not be afraid to experiment

Try out different looks even if it violates the basic body type rule of fashion tips for women. Take a photo of yourself in a new avatar and check the fit from all angles. Make an informed decision. Sometimes you could end up with a whole new look.

  • Try it on, do not take the Size Label for Granted

Do not ever shop in hurry. It is wise to try all your clothes out before you add them to the new wardrobe.  Do not want a outdated wardrobe all over again, do you?

  • Do not Blindly Follow a Fashion/Trend

Not all new trends and designs suit everyone. Please do not buy clothes just because they are ‘in’.

Surely these evergreen fashion tips for women will help your deal with your wardrobe blues.