Fashion Designing Career

Fashion at a Glimpse

If you are creative and well versed with the latest trends, then fashion designing is the right career for you. Your style and presentation will portray in your work and the main aim should be to develop something that makes people look great. That should be your driving force.

After considering all the pros and cons of this career, you should think of taking a step further. If you are serious and aim to see your designs at a high level where models showcase your designs in Paris, New York and Milan then there’s nothing to stop you.

Fashion Designing Career- Work

Fashion designing can be divided into three categories-

  • Leather design
  • Garment design
  • Accessory & Jewelry design  

These are the basic courses that you can select from. Garment designing includes different cuts and styles which includes mostly western patterns. Leather designing is working on developing different cut and silhouette. Jewelry and accessory designing is an interesting job and if you are creative, you can come up with some unique designs. There are four courses that may help you go for your dream career.

  • Working in a garment manufacturing unit or an export house.
  • Working as an apprenticeship under a well known fashion designer.
  • Opening a manufacturing unit or a boutique.
  • Working as a freelancer for boutiques and fashion houses.

Fashion Designing Career- Job opportunities

If you are a fashion design graduate, you have better job prospects. Since fashion designing career is a fast growing industry, you can specialize in it. There are many well known institutes around the world that offer degrees and diploma in fashion designing.  Once you get to know which fashion designing institute you want to enroll yourself into, it will be much easier to concentrate on your profession.

Every field involves a lot of struggle. After you are done with your course, try and specialize in something related to fashion. It will for sure add to your profile.

Fashion Designing Career- Filled with Future Prospects

As you start understanding your goals and targets, you’ll learn more. Know your area of interest and start working towards it. Fashion designing career is a booming field and has lots of opportunities. Well known international fashion designers like Dolce& Gabbana, Christian Dior, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Prada, Versace and Gucci are a few designers who have created a mark in this field.

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