What is Farsightedness

What is Farsightedness


Farsightedness is a condition caused due to a defect in the eyes. The vision of the person is affected in a severe manner in case of farsightedness. This condition is also known as hyperopia. 

The reason that one suffers from hyperopia or farsightedness is that the eyeball of the person is shorter than what is generally found in the masses. A person is diagnosed with farsightedness when he has trouble seeing objects that are placed close to him, in a blurry manner. This happens because the light that enters the eye, does not focus on the retina – where it should, but it does so behind the retina.  

Another reason that might cause hyperopia is that the cornea in the eye is too horizontal to let the light rays focus directly on the retina. In both the cases it becomes extremely difficult for the person to focus and make out distinct shapes of objects placed near by. 

Here, the power of the eye is less and that is why the retina cannot capture the image totally. Mostly people suffering from far sightedness see blurred shapes when it comes to objects placed near to their position. If the case of far sightedness, it is extremely severe then the distance or placement of the object whether far or near does not matter as everything appears to be out of focus and blurry. Some other symptoms experienced by people with far sightedness are accommodative dysfunction, amblyopia, asthenopia and strabismus etc. 

This condition is easy to understand but the causes are not that well known. Many are of the view that farsightedness is hereditary and as mentioned before is caused by flat cornea or a short lens etc.


The easiest way to spot this condition is through careful observation. Children or adults suffering from this condition will generally tend to stand or sit extremely close to the television or the computer screen. It is because of decreased visual perception which is the result of this condition. Another way to spot this condition in people is to observe if they have problems with hand eye coordination. For example if they always miss or drop an easy catch then it might be a good idea to get those eyes checked. Unless the condition has progressed immensely there is nothing to worry about. The condition of farsightedness is completely treatable and one has many options at their disposal for the same.


All one has to do is visit eye care professionals like ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians etc. They carry out a test to evaluate the condition of the eye. This test is totally painless and the doctor can easily figure out the type of lens needed to fill in the deficiencies in the eye. Thus, with the help of prescription eyeglasses, one can get rid of this condition. People who are averse to glasses can also opt for contact lenses prescribed by the doctor. Sometimes people wish for a more permanent type of cure for this condition. These people can opt for various types of refractive surgeries available these days. LASIK is a good example of such a surgery. These surgeries normally incorporate laser technology in the procedure.