False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes

Eye lashes are one of the very important parts of the face, which protects the eyes from all sorts of dangers in our day to day life. If you are having very thick, long, black and curled eye lashes, then you appear more beautiful. Eye lashes plays a major key role in makeup, either it is day makeup or night makeup.

Eye lashes are the one which makes the eyes look bigger and attractive. But everyone is not blessed with thick, black, long and curled eye lashes. For those who desire to have long and thick lashes, fashion industry came up with “FALSE EYE LASHES”. These are artificial eye lashes which we can use occasionally to get a perfect desired look. You can get wide range of lashes in the market in various varieties like thick, colored and sizes.

You need Practice to apply the false eye lashes, once you are pro in that then you can look great and feel better for all the parties wearing false eye lashes. Once you know how to apply the false eye lashes, you should to do makeup on those eye lashes and eyes, by doing so, no one can identify that they are fake lashes.

Required things for False Eyelashes:

  • False eye lashes
  • False eyelash glue
  • Mascara
  • Mirror
  • Tweezers
  • Eye lash curler

Directions for applying False Eyelashes:

  • First measure the false eye lashes with your original eye lashes and cut the excess hair for a natural look. You should keep long end of it at the outer corner of the eye lashes.
  • Put some glue on back of the false eye lashes from one corner to another and blow or let it dry    for a while to set it well when you apply on the eye.
  • Hold the false eye lashes from one end to another end to set it well on the eyes. This ensures   that the false eye lashes stays in place without coming off.
  • To get the natural look curl the false eye lashes with eye lash curler.
  • Use eye liner to fill the space between false eye lashes and original eye lashes.
  • Now you are ready with your false eye lashes as your own eye lashes.  Apply makeup to the eye and see the difference.

Tips and warnings for False Eyelashes

  • Always apply the false eye lashes from outer side of the eye to inner side.
  • Before going to sleep remove the false eye lashes with special powder that comes along with false eye lashes. A wet cloth will also helps in taking off the lashes. But never pull the lashes while taking off, this may result in losing your own original eye lashes.
  • Use always black color eye lash glue which looks like eye liner filled in the gap.
  • You should always put minimum quantity of glue in a fine line on the false eye lashes.
  • Never put large amount of glue on false eye lashes, by doing so there is a danger of getting the glue inside the eye which results in undo of the whole process.