Fall Makeup for Intense Look

Fall is one of the best seasons that most people look forward to. We need to change our wardrobe and makeup according to the changing season. This is a time when it gets a little cold. Though you would be paying more attention to your wardrobe, do remember spend some time on your makeup as well. This would certainly make a lot of difference to your over all look. So make the best of this season and learn different ways to enhance your look this fall.

Tips for Fall Makeup

Step 1- Before you apply makeup; make sure you wash your face well. Dab to dry with a tissue and apply some moisturizer. Wait for sometime till it gets absorbed by the skin.
Step 2- Next; apply a concealer under your eyes. This is to hide the dark circles, under eye bags and blemishes. The concealer should be applied gently so that it blends well. The idea of applying a concealer is to conceal any type of marks on the skin.
Step 3- After applying the concealer, you need to apply some foundation. Choosing the right type of foundation is very important. If you have been using a dark shade of foundation in summer, then you need to switch to a light shade for fall.
When you are applying the foundation, do see to that it is applied smoothly and evenly. An uneven layer of foundation gives a caked up look. Try and apply it where there is bright light so that you know its smooth.
Step 4- It’s time to highlight your cheekbones with some blush. Fall is a time when your cheeks should look nice and warm. With the help of a brush, select a warm color and apply it on your cheekbones. Even dark blush colors can be applied during fall.
Step 5- Before you apply any eyes shadow, apply a coat of eye shadow base. This prevents the creasing of the makeup and helps it to last for a long time.
Step 6- When it comes to selecting an eye shadow shade, go for a neutral tone as this suits well during fall. With the help of a smooth and soft brush apply the neutral color on your eyelids gradually moving towards your brow bone.
Step 7- Take a dark brown color of eye shadow and apply a coat of it on your eyelids. Gently blend the eye shadow towards your brow bone. This will give a dramatic look and add more depth to your eyes. If you want a more intense look, you can apply a darker shade of eye shadow.
Step 8- Fall is a time when it gets cold and dark. This is the time to blend with the season with your makeup. You should go for a little darker shade of earthy colors. Since brown is used quite often, you can add a touch of this color. Carefully smudge the eye shadow to get a darker look.
Step 9- Mascara is important so do apply at least two coats of it. Mascara would give more volume to your eyelashes.
Step 10- The last step is to use a dark shade of lip color. Colors like burgundy, brown and deep red can be carried well in winter and fall. To complete the look, add a touch of translucent powder to keep the makeup intact.