Fall Fashion Trends

Fall fashion trends are prone to attract trendy sweaters and scarves. In theyear 2010 we saw fur coat and leggings.

Everyfall something new comes up in fashion trends which make us look stylish yetbusiness-like when required. Some of the most popular fall fashiontrends which are mostly popular and almost trendy in every comingfall:

Grey (FallFashion Trend)

Theultimate cool color, gray. The next powerful color is cobalt blue, a color thatchanges everyone’s look. It is also believed to be a great color befitting forwork place. You can match grey with purple, green and yellow and with black aswell. It's great to make a combination of color with accessories like ahandbag, gloves and shoes.

Cool Textures Fall Fashion Trends

Thefall features stocky, loose and loopy knits and mohair. You can look foranything cozy, soft, from sensual knits to cashmere knits. It's all themanifestation of softness and cocooning.

TheV shape is usually big each fall. It can be straight up or horizontal. You canwear a loose, shabby top with surging sleeves, coupled with skinny pants orleggings. In addition you can also give a try to broad-legged trousers with a fittedand cropped top. Organic shape with circled bubble hem is the all time fallfashion trend which is a great demonstration of cocoon.

Fall Fashion Trend Pieces

Cardigan Coat:A cashmere grey coat is an ideal topper for your tunic. To look smart is the season'shot look.

Tunics: Matched withleggings or slender jeans, tunics are great look to  carry from the office to weekend casual look.Tunics that fit mid-thigh to above the knee can be done as double dress. But itis advisable not to pair tunics with high-waist, wide-leg pants. It will makeyou take too much volume.

High-waisted and Wide Leg Trousers: For those women tired of muffin-top pants there is a greatyet tasteful option. Wear high-waisted pants with a cropped jacket or knitbolero which are in great demand in this season, offering a smart substitutefor work or casual wear.

Sweaters: Draped, soft, and feminine, half-fittedtwinsets of v-necks are the ideal choice for the office, coupled with rugged trousersor a pencil skirt.

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