Choices of Method for Facial Hair Removal

A person’s face is the most visible and viewed part of the human body – today, almost everybody desired to present their best features to the world and look presentable. Every culture has its own norms as far as hair removal goes – not just for the face but in other areas as well. There are several unspoken social rules across the globe as far as grooming is concerned. Most people are conscious about being well groomed and presentable. 

Methods for Facial Hair Removal

There are many methods available for hair removal – and mostly used by women. Here is a list of ways to get rid of hair in this delicate area to help you choose the right method. 


This is mostly done by men to keep their facial hair like a moustache and beard at bay. Generally not recommended for women as this makes the hair grow thicker and very temporary.

Depilatory or Hair Removal Creams

Many products available on the market to address this issue. They work by breaking down the hair and it eventually grows back. A temporary fix at best. Make sure you get the right cream for your skin type.


An ancient technique which originated in Asia and is still in use today. Good quality thread is used to shape eyebrows and also remove other facial hair on areas like the upper lip and chin. A quick yet cheap method which keeps hair at bay for upto 4 weeks.


Another popular method which originated in Asia and is another effective way to keep hair at bay. Hair can be waxed and kept off for upto 6 weeks at a time. Used widely in salons and spas across the world – a bit of care needs to be exercised as the wax is heated before use.


Available in paste and gel form. Both types are made using natural ingredients like lemon juice, water and sugar.  Effective for upto 6 weeks as well. This is less painful and helps to soften the skin. It is effective in removing even the finest hairs and is environmentally friendly, just like threading.

Laser/IPL Hair Removal

Light pulses are used to disable hair follicles from growing. Works best for people with light skin and dark hair as the darker pigment is targeted.


By far the best method to get hair off, permanently. Only FDA approved method. Hair follicle is targeted by electric current and this method is effective for all skin and hair types.