Face Lift Surgery Preparation

Face Lift Surgery Requirements

In the earlier days, patient was given general anesthesia to be able to receive the treatment of full face lift surgery. However, in the changed scenarios, face lift procedure needs only local anesthesia. This method requires the marking of incisions, which are to be seen on either side of the ear. In some cases, incisions need to be widened up to the scalp and are hidden into the hairline. In this exercise, the tissues of the skin are detached from the top layer. Besides, the skin is restructured to give the face the desired shape. Through the process of liposuction, some fatness of the face is removed.

Following the completion of the surgery, incisions are joined with stitches, and dressing is done as a supporting measure of the healing process. The subsequent pain and swelling can be alleviated by taking the suggested pain killers. Drainage tubes are used in the treatment to provide relief to the patient from excessive swelling.

Preparation for Face Lift Surgery

The list of instructions provided below will serve as an ideal preparation for the one who is planning to undergo face lift surgery.

  •  Wear loose attire 

  •  Maintain stable health in the preceding six months of operation

  •  Hair should be sufficiently shampooed before stepping into the operation theatre

  •  Be cautious in not taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications

  •  Quit smoking at least 2 weeks prior to the surgery 

  •  Acquire a copy of the guidelines prescribed by the doctor

  •  Have arrangements made to get you driven to and fro from the hospital

  •  Fill prescriptions such as pain medications before the surgery

  •  In preconsultation with the doctor, keep aside homeopathic medicines to deal with swelling and bruising problems arising out of the surgery

  •  Consume soft and squashy food like soup, juices and shakes in the initial period of operation

  •  Use mouthwash to wash your mouth for the first two days after the operation

Process of Face Lift Surgery

In this procedure, the primary tissues are stiffened up with the undesired fat done away with. The skin is grafted thereby presenting a natural and more youthful look of the patient. Usually, the operation is aided with local anesthesia and sedation. To the extent of possibility, the incisions are made inside the hair line. However, the hair is not taken off prior to the operation.

The incisions are well-knitted in such a way that no pressure is exerted on the lines in front of the ear. The scars around the portion of ear are usually not noticeable even in the absence of  make-up.

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