Face Lift Side Effects

Face Lift Advantages

The foremost benefit that face lift surgery gives is that it makes the person feel lot younger than what he was earlier. Face lift has the capacity of setting right wilting facial muscles and skin thereby turning the face into dynamic appearance. Also, the skin will be stiffer, firmer in addition to appearing a refreshing face.  Unlike in the past decades, modern face lifts are not complicated in nature as the procedure involves less bruising, bumping, and pain.

The main advantages of face lift are mentioned as under

Lessens the signs of aging on the portions of forehead, neck and face
Cuts down the signs of aging around the eyes
Removes excess fat and skin on the neck and face
Allows the patient to leave the hospital after coming out of the spell of anesthesia
Boosts the confidence level of the working professionals
Promotes the psychological well-being of an interviewee during the interview
Suits people suffering from broken bones, skin cancer and burns

Face Lift Disadvantages   

Face lift has its equal share of disadvantages like

Compels the patient to put off important work at least for two weeks 
It can cross the budget expectations of the patient as the treatment depends on the type of combination one chooses
Gives an exaggerated look
Recovery time could extend up to four weeks or more so 

Face Lift Side-Effects

Face lift leads to the below-mentioned complications as in the form of

  • The patient’s face turns into a bloated one 

  • Can have monstrous effects on a cigarette smoker

  • bruising around the eyes

  • Persistence of facial scars for a long period of time

  • Patient tends to develop allergic problems  

  • Carries the danger of bleeding

  • Leads to numbness of nerves

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