Face Lift Precautions

Preparation Before Treatment

Prior to undergoing face lift surgery, is it necessary that the patient adheres to certain health practices like:

  • Should quit smoking at least four weeks preceding the surgery

  • Slight adjustments to be made like growing hair if one has short hair as the long hair acts as a cover up surgery-triggered incisions 

  • Ahead of the planned surgery, the patient should desist from taking anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin

  • Pre medical evaluation should be done by the plastic surgeon.

Precautions after Treatment

It is necessary that the person, who, in the post stages of face lift surgery, takes certain care and precautions lest the surgery becomes a futile exercise.

In the aftermath of the face lift surgery, the patient is advised to be mild with the face and hair as the face lies in tends to be tender.

The most essential precautionary steps to be taken by the patient are:

  • Avoid scrubbing of face too hard

  • Sleep with elevated head using a pillow to reduce bulge

  • Keep away from indoor and outdoor activities which could cause strain

  • Put off saunas and steam baths at least for a few days.

  • Consume semi-solid-to-liquid foods

  • Be cautions while working with hair

  • Avoid taking alcoholic beverages for some time after the surgery


Face Lift Recovery  

Every patients shows undue haste in order to recover from face lift surgery. The healing process varies from case to case. Usually, the patient will be in a position to take up his normal activities in two days after the surgery, but in rare instances, the recuperating time may extend up to one year. In order to have perfect recovery, it is advised that the patient should have sufficient rest to allow his/her body to complete the recovery schedule.

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