EyeShadow Tips

EyeShadow Tips

As long as people there on earth Cosmetics are in use. Eyeshadow is a Cosmetic product generally used to highlight the eyes and give perfection to eyes. You can get different textures and colors of Eyeshadows in the market these days.

Everyone loves to look beautiful. Eyeshadow is one of the cosmetic products that, enhances the overall look of the face. It is made from mica and powder, but you can also get it in pencil, mousse and liquid form. In Western countries Eyeshadow is a feminine cosmetic which is used by men also. Most of the people use Eyeshadow to develop they appearance, but in Plays and Theatres Eyeshadow is commonly used to create unforgettable look with dark color tones.

The Eyeshadow usually brings attention and glamour to a person. According to the desired look Eyeshadow can be applied in various forms. In market you can get all sorts of colors from light to dark and sparkly.

Eyeshadow Tips To Get A Fabulous Look Day Or Night

To Make Your Eyes Pop Just Follow Some Of These Tips

  • If your skin is fair, hair is black and eyes are brown or grey, then you should go for blue Eyeshadow.
  • Whoever has blue eyes with blonde hair they can opt for brown and taupes, Eyeshadow.
  • Never match the Eyeshadow Color with your dress or eyes.
  • You have to draw attention in emphasizing the inner side of the eyes, which brings the eyes closer to each other.
  • Mascara and the base color are the only things you have to wear for a Day Makeup.
  • Green and blue colors look very theatrical and artificial. Lighter shades look natural.
  • Eyeshadows of high quality can be used for heavier application by making them wet.
  • You can add shimmer to highlight the eyes for a glamorous and sexy look.
  • Apply a medium-toned Eyeshadow, between the eye lid and the brow to add definition and dust it with a light higher shade.
  • Use a natural color pencil liner to line the upper and lower lashes.
  • To give wider look, darken the outer edges than the inner edges.
  • You can apply concealor which is lighter than your regular color to the inner corner of the eye lids and side of the nose and mix it well to give definition and attraction to the eye.
  • To get a bigger eyes look apply a light shade over your eyelid and darker shade on the outer corner of the eye and crease. Using an eyeliner outline the eyes.
  • Apply little powder on the eye lid as a base before applying Eyeshadow.
  • You should never share your Eyeshadow or eye makeup kit with others, because you may be more prone to having eye infections.   

If you have never tried using Eyeshadow, these tips can come in handy for a pretty and beautiful look. So you can go for a day look or a night look and feel great and pretty. After all who does not want to look pretty?