Eyes and Lifestyle

Eyes and Lifestyle

Eye Care

Proper diet and regular exercise are the indication of healthy lifestyle which in turns brings a strong and healthy body and also a good vision. On the contrary of these smoking, excessive drinking and eating unhealthy junk food on regular basis are regarded as killers of your body and the same effect it gives to your eyes. People who smoke or drink a lot; they always face a problem with vision at the end and especially during their old age.

There are some conditions which you cannot avoid even if you want them as they are born naturally and meant for eyes and health care. You can take measures for your eye care in order to protect it and prevent from any kind of harm such as weakness of vision that may get worse at the end and may lead to completely losing your eyesight. Hyperopia is one of the diseases of eye which is caused due to the weakness of the muscle of eye, flat cornea or short eye. People facing such problem do not have round eyes and have great difficulty in focussing on objects which are near. The other problem of eye is Myopia in this case the people have round eyes and have difficulty on focussing far objects.

In most of the conditions of eyes they are not genetic; one can do a lot of things to maintain good eyesight be practising a healthy lifestyle. The first and foremost condition is  the unsuitable weather around us which is at time too windy or becomes too dry, this causes the eye not to create enough tears and if they are created they evaporate too fast, this makes your eye dry. One cannot change the surrounding weather but can find an option; you can use eye drops to lubricate your eyes. Second condition is the great pressure given to eye that may cause the pain in the optic nerve located at the back of your eye which is also connected to brain and this in turn will also give you headache at times may turn into migraine. This can be avoided only be one fact to give proper rest to your eyes and make them relax so that the strain in muscles evaporates and you will be energised back to work. The third situation comes with age that leads to Presbyopia, it is different to that of Hyperopia but the conditions are almost same. To avoid such conditions one should have a healthy diet and regular exercise. Though Presbyopia is not genetic and this problem mostly occurs in the age of 40-50.

Lifestyle and Eye

Some of the people are born with excellent eyesight but due to unhealthy food, bad habits tend to deteriorate their eyesight. In today’s hectic and busy schedule one really finds it hard to take time for one self. But if you really cherish your eyesight and you are well known to the most important and delicate part of your body you will act accordingly. You must live a balanced and a healthy lifestyle and also at the same time follow the Do’s and Don’ts suggested by the optician than definitely you can protect your eyes from any harm.

As it is said that all the people are different from each other and they all follow a different lifestyle so accordingly each will have a different methods to protect their eyes.

For athletes and sports personalities; they must keep in mind that they need enough rest for the protection against injuries especially during contact sports no matter what vision correction does the player chooses. If there is any chance of getting hit by a fast moving ball, racquetball, squash or hockey eye protection is highly advocated. For performer or actors contact lenses are preferred as they need to keep on changing their look for every performance and also it improves their look while dancing, acting or participating in any kind of dramatic activities it may happen that glasses may be broken during such things and may also cause harm to their eyes.    
One who works regularly on computer faces a huge tussle after that. It becomes difficult for the person to focus on any other object after having worked on the computer for long hours; they find having blurry or double vision, eye strain or eye fatigue, headaches or backaches and also the after images when looking away from the computer appears. One also feels some sensitivity from light and minor muscle spasms.

To settle the reason of discomfort we should visit professional eye care and accordingly start the treatment. The diagnosis suggest simple methods to ease the discomfort and they are not to focus on single object for long hours, to have better lighting around your monitor , blink your eyes often and at times close your eyes and look away from the system for some time this will give relaxation to your eyes.

The best solution for your eye care according to your lifestyle can be found by none other than you.