Eyeliner Tips

Eyeliner Tips

Eyeliner is one of the most essential and important cosmetic product that everyone should and must have in their makeup products. Without eyeliner your makeup won’t get complete and you won’t look and feel beautiful.
There are three varieties of eyeliners.

  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Pencil eyeliner
  • Cake eyeliner


You can use any eyeliner to give your eyes a perfect look. Pencil eyeliner is very easy to apply with whereas liquid eyeliner and cake eyeliner needs a little practice.

To Enhance The Look Of Your Eyes, Here Are Few Eyeliner Tips.

  • To get a smooth and straight line gently pull the corner of the eyelid and apply the eyeliner.
  • Prefer black or brown eyeliners, which give more attraction to the eyes.
  • To get a better view in the mirror, you should hold the pencil eyeliner in an angle with the tip facing towards internal corner of the eyes.
  • Curl the eyelashes before applying eyeliner as this will prevent from getting the eyeliner messy.
  • Rimming your eyes with white or beige color eyeliner adds additional appeal and makes the eyes look bigger and beautiful.
  • To prevent the smudging of the eyes, apply a little loose powder which acts as a base and keeps the eyeliner in place.
  • To avoid the danger of poking the eyes from pencil eyeliner never sharp the pencil too sharp.
  • While drawing with the liquid eyeliner never close your eyes, as this may lead to uneven and bumpy line which looks ugly.
  • To get almond eye look draw the eyeliner thicker around the corner of the eyelid.
  •  For a cat-eye look, give a sharp tail at the corner of the eye.
  • Get a nice angled brush to apply liquid eyeliner which makes the job easy.
  • Always apply the eyeliner as close as possible to the eyelashes which gives perfect look.
  • Use liquid eyeliners on the top eye lashes.
  • Pencil eyeliner and cake eyeliner can go on both top and bottom eye lashes.
  • For green eyes go for smoky violet shade pencil, which gives excellent result.
  • For a theatrical look you should dot the color lightly through the lower eye lashes.
  • Choose plum, grey and blue colors for brown eyes.
  • You should choose taupe and camel shades for blue eyes.
  • To get a natural look go for bright and dark colored mascaras such as black, brown, navy blue.
  • You should always apply two coats of mascara to the eye lashes from bottom to top to open up the eyes.
  • Never go to sleep with eyeliner on, as this will result in some eye problems.


To get the perfect and proper look you need to expertise with the eyeliner. Once you are a pro at drawing a perfect line with eyeliner, then you can go for different looks like evening look, sexy look, dramatic look and cat eye look.

Nowadays in market we get immense variety of brands to choose from. So always go for a nice brand and observe for the first time, whether it suits you or creates any problems for the eyes. Take some simple precautionary measures like this to prevent any damages for your eyes from any cosmetic product.