A Guide To Perfect Eyebrow Shaping

A Guide To Perfect Eyebrow Shaping

Eyes are the window to the soul and their beauty is enhanced and accentuated by perfectly shaped eyebrows.  Perfect eyebrow shaping flatters the shape of the face, balances facial features and more importantly frames the eyes.  Eyebrows are also the most expressive and flexible feature of the face and hence eyebrow shaping is an integral part of facial make-up, adding a dramatic appearance to even an average face.

Perfect Eyebrow Shaping

The first step is to know what a correct eyebrow shaping is. Too small or too big eyebrows mar the balance and beauty of the face.  Moreover too thick eyebrows need to be tweezed and too thin eyebrows need to be filled up with an eyebrow pencil.

Some Steps To Determine Eyebrow Shaping;

  • Remove all eye makeup and look straight in the mirror.
  • Hold your eyebrow pencil in front of your face such that it touches the outer rim of your nose and the inside of the eye. This is the point where your eyebrow will begin. Mark with the pencil and repeat with the other eye.
  • Looking straight in the mirror angle the pencil such that it touches the outer rim of the nose and the outermost rim of your eyeball, where the pencil meets the eyebrow is where the arch of the eyebrow should be.  Mark with the pencil and repeat with the other eye.
  • Hold the pencil such that it touches the outer edge of the nose and the outer edge of the eye. This is the point where the eyebrow ends.  Mark with a pencil and repeat with the other eye.
  • The feature of your face will determine the thickness of your eyebrows.  Strong featured women who also have thick hair benefit with thick eyebrows, whereas delicate featured women accentuate their beauty by sporting delicate arched eyebrows.

Eyebrow Shaping Based On The Shape Of Your Face

Eyebrows lend balance to your face and hence the shape of your eyebrows will be determined by your face shape. Generally women should have thick eyebrows on the inside and gently tapering towards the end. 

  • Women with round faces should go in for a high arch and taper the eyebrow to the end of the cheekbone; this negates the roundness of the face.
  • Women with a long face benefit by a flattened arch and limit the eyebrow to the corner of the eye.
  • Women with a square face should make the arch a bit high and curve the edges of the eyebrow.
  • Women with an oval face require a medium arch with eyebrows tapering towards the lower ear.
  • Women with low foreheads, the eyebrows should be low arched.
  • High fore headed women need a little higher arch and a gentle taper to their eyebrows.

Tips For Eyebrow Shaping

  • Many women have naturally shaped eyebrows, so just enhance and define them, do not go in for alterations.
  • Thick eyebrows need to be trimmed.
  • The best time to trim brows is after a bath.  Smoothen the wet brow and using a small comb brush eyebrows upward, pluck any stray hairs slowly.
  • Brush eyebrows downwards and again pluck the few hairs that do not fall into shape.  Remember, slowly and less plucking works well. Hasty and over plucking will lead to damage that can last a few weeks.
  • Alternatively try threading of brows by a professional; just make sure you specify how much hair you need trimmed.  Too thin eyebrows will make you look old.
  • Lastly eyebrow shaping should enhance the eyes and focus on them, so less is better, just enhance your eyebrow shape and do not go all out to make your eyebrows the centre of attraction.