Eye Shapes Makeup Tips And Eye Makeup for Different Eye Shapes

Eye Shapes Makeup Tips And Eye Makeup for Different Eye Shapes

Giving make up to a person depends a lot on the shape of their face and eyes. Eyes especially are very essential as lot of the makeup is concentrated around that area. Eyes have the power to attract and hence they need to be given the utmost importance. To decide what makeup should be given to eyes it is important to know the shape of the eyes. Broadly eyes are categorized into types. 

• Almond eyes

• Round eyes

• Oval eyes

Second aspect of eyes is to know the alignment of the eyes. Again these are also broadly categorized into 3 types.

• Close set eyes

• Down turned eyes

• Asian eyes

Once you have understood these aspects then it is much easier for you to decide what makeup you want to do on the eyes. This article will give you a brief idea on how to give different makeup to different eye shapes. 

Makeup for Almond Eyes

They are called so because of their almond shape. The outer corner of the eyes is upswept which gives them an innocent look. With this kind of eye shape one can increase the depth of the eyes. To do so you can use the eyeliner on the upper lid and then use thin eyeliner on the lower eyelid. You can experiment with different color eyeliners on both the eyelids. If you want to make your eyes look round then stop the eyeliner just before you reach the outer corner. This will avoid the sharp finishing and help you achieve the round shaped eyes. You can also use a smoky look in the corners so that it gives a round shaped to the eye. Any color can go with these shaped eyes. As almond eyes are normally big you can experiment a lot with your eye makeup. 

Makeup for Round Eyes

Round shaped eyes are pretty rare and you seldom find women with these eye shapes. The eyes are generally large and open-looking. The best way to makeup these kinds of eyes are to make them look long. Use dark eyeliner and heavily use the eyeliner on the outer corner. This will give the elongated look to the round eyes. To sustain the elongated look of the eye use a medium color shade for eye shadow on the eyelids. Extend the shadows towards the brow and the lower lid which will also give a long eyed effect. 

Makeup for Oval Eyes

Oval eyes are the most common eye shapes which you can find. Many women have this shape of eyes. There is a lot of scope of experimenting with this shape of eyes. To get the oval eye effect, use a thin liner to the corner of the eye and gradually thicken it as you come to the middle of the eye. The upper eyelid will hence give the oval curve to the eye. The lower liner is optional depending on the size of your eye. If your eye is small then it is better if you don’t use the lower liner. A simple line on the lower lash will do.