Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup – Introduction

Eye is one of the most important parts of the body and is one of the most important five sensory organs of our body. Large and beautiful eye reflects one’s beauty manifold. It is said that healthy eyes are directly or indirectly but somehow definitely related to general health. It is recommended to use the eye makeup very sparingly as its excessive use may damage the skin around it also it may damage the eye itself. For precautionary sake one should never use chemical eye makeup remover because it might react adversely on the skin. If you apply smoky eyes makeup it will make you look more attractive and beautiful woman. It also can be considered as a good measure to draw attention of the people around you.

Your eye makeup is considered to be the most significant part of your overall look. Eyes are  ones of the most important feature that can draw attention, as well as talk a lot about your personality even before you can start a conversation. But on the contrary if done badly it would be the first thing to be noticed that you are trying too hard to look good and draw attention of others.

Usually, when one does the eye makeup is one considered to be the last step to complete or give a finishing touch to your make up. Though it is the last step it enhances the actual look.  If you do not have much time for make up then you just need to apply a little foundation and eye makeup to get a gorgeous and glamorous look. It is only the eye makeup that brings out the beauty of the entire makeup application process and also creates a difference between the natural look, an exotic look, and a demure but sexy looks. For Eye makeup one can use all the makeup accessories that is used for decorate oneself or to highlight ones eyes. 

Eye Makeup – Ideas, Techniques & Natural Designs

There are and can be many variations in eye makeup. Most of the designs are motivated from the natural shapes. Eye makeup can be done as per a person’s choice and shape of the eyes. Shades like beige that is a neutral color,  gives a natural look of a single shade or double shade while other tones like taupe and gray are quite dominating colors.

Changing your eyes make up at times can enhance your looks and well as make you look different for your regular look. Some of the ideas of a different eye makeup are; making your eye turn into a glamorous cat eye, which seems to be very sexy and refined. The far reaching eyeliner in this condition draws notice to the eye and makes it view a bit larger.  Also today’s hot trend is bright eye makeup and it is very easy to pull off for most of the women. You can try shades like turquoise or yellow on the upper lid and keep the rest of the makeup fresh and bright but in such a way that it balances both the sides well. You want to have fun you can also create a funky eye makeup look; you can do this by using two dissimilar eye makeup colours on the top and on the base of the eye.

It does not really matter what shape and size your eye are; if you guide yourself with proper makeup techniques then you can range yourself in the different shapes of eyes. With eye make up one can make the eyes appear bigger, wider or even more attractive by applying some simple techniques. For example; if you have small eye you can use pale colour up to crease, contour crease with a dark, smoky colour and smudging it often.

Apply the foundation first to your entire face before you start any kind of make application. Then choose the eyelid sparkler for yourself which suits you the best that may be soft, metallic cream and a dab smidgen of it on to your list.  After you are done applying this dab some press powder eye shadow that is in metallic copper. Do apply it on eyelids to add on to the sexy look. Then apply some mascara as this lengthens and thickens your eyelashes. These techniques will definitely give you a glamorous look that everyone around you will definitely be amazed to your beauty. And to add a bit of more attractive look, just give a small touch of lipstick and that will definitely be all.

Eye makeup is one of the most fun parts of applying cosmetics. Some simple eye makeup ideas and techniques and the best colours to be used that suits your personality will give you a glam look and will emphasise on your beauty the most.