Eye Makeup Tips And Application of Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup Tips And Application of Eye Makeup

Eyes are the most expressive part of the face. Nothing can be hidden from them nor by them. There are many ways to highlight the eyes. When you sit down to put on your make up, do the makeup depending on the occasion you are going for. Different occasions demand for different type of makeup. Here is an article which will give you a brief description about how to style your eyes in different makeup styles. Off late makeup artists have developed versatile makeup techniques for eyes. Following are the different styles you can try on. 

Smokey Look

Smokey look is the most preferred look in the contemporary style. It gives elegance added with style to your eyes. Also there are lots of combinations of colors which you can go with. How do you get a smokey look? It is very simple. Give the normal base for your eyes like how you do it every time. Later you can add some eye shadow to the upper lid. Spread the eye shadow gently with a shadow brush. Keep the shade of the shadow dark on the inner side of the eyes and fade it gradually as you move out. You can use more than one color when you are going for smokey look. 

Gothic Look

This is a very crazy eye makeup which mostly metal rock junkies would try out. It comes in as strong, outrageous and flamboyant look. The shades which are used in this style are dark and they are very dark looking. The concept of gothic look is to make your eyes look small and scary if possible. To make the eyes look small, they use a lot of black eyeliner and mascara. By making the outline of the eyes thick, the eye looks small. The colors used for the eye shadow are also very dark colors. The eye shadow often spreads till the temple. In Gothic eye makeup itself there are many variations.  

Emo Look

Emo look is the punk style look which will make you look rebellious and young. The styling in itself is very flamboyant and outgoing.  This is a typical style which you want to carry out for a late night party. The most essential makeup articles are eyeliner (mostly liquid eyeliner will be good), mascara and soft brush. The emo look asks for very bright colors. So if you planning to go for emo look better take some dark shaded eyeliner. Mascara is a must in emo look.

Retro Look

One of the most popular makeup styles for eye since the 60s. It is simple, elegant and makes you look pretty. For sporting this style you don’t need lot of things and at the same time you don’t even have to spend lot of time in front of the dressing table. The two most important aspects of the retro look are the mascara and the eyeliner. The base which is given to the eyes is not changed much. Lot of variations is done on how the eyeliner is used on the eyes. The length and the thickness are varied. To make the eyes look more evident heavy mascara is used on the eyes. Sometimes under eye concealer is also used. You can carry this style of eye make up anywhere and to any occasion.