Eye Makeup Tips and Techniques for Different Eyes Shapes

Eye Makeup Tips and Techniques for Different Eyes Shapes


Each of us is unique and beautiful, in our own special way. But even then, no one is perfect. Here lies the magical power of makeup, to transform the defects and make them appear as advantages.

The makeup of the eye is one of the most important parts of your makeup, for, when you are going to meet a person, he/she is going to look at your eyes first. Even before you say something, the eyes make the communication to make the first impression. However, it is true that not every woman is born with doe-eyes. Here are some eye makeup tips for different eye shapes, so that even if you are not blessed with the perfect eye shape, you can make them look so.

Eye Makeup Tips for Deep Set Eyes

For those who have deep set eyes, preferably light and nacreous tints of eye shadows should be used. This makes an illusion of the eyes being bigger than what they are actually are. Apply the eye shadow starting from the inner corner of your eye and gently apply to the outer part as well. Apply a bit further than the eyelid. Use the light colours on the middle of the lid limiting the darker shade just above the socket line only.

Eye Makeup Tips for Wide Set Eyes

If you have wide set eyes, the effect can be visually reduced by applying a darker tint of eye shadow. Apply the shadow from the outer corner of your eye to the middle of the eyelid. Try using a light shade in the middle of your eyelid to the inner corner of your eye. Blend the different shades carefully so that the difference does not become too prominent.

Eye Makeup Tips for Close Set Eyes

People with close set eyes should apply a bit of corrector on the inner corners of the eyes before starting with the makeup. Then, with a steady hand draw a thin line with along the upper eyelashes making them thick near the outer corner of the eyes. Now it is the time for the eye shadow. From the inner corner to the middle of your eyelid, put a light shadow, and then use the darker tint starting from the middle of the eyelid and extend to the outer corner. Use mascara generously on the outer corners.

Eye Makeup Tips for Down-turned Eyes

For down-turned eyes, use the eye shadow up and out. The eyeliner should be applied close to the upper lash line and blended along the socket line. Use mascara on the lenses densely so that visually the eyes look lifted.

Eye Makeup Tips Round Eyes

For round eyes, the lighter shade should be used over the entire eyelid while the darker shade should be applied in the crease. You can use eyeliner on the upper and lower lids, but use mascara on the upper outer lashes only.

Eye Makeup Tips to Enlarge Small Eyes

People with small eyes need to set the shape of their eyes by applying the shade in strokes angling slightly upward. Put the eye shadow on the entire eyelid and go up to the crease of the eye.

Eye Makeup Tips for Asian Eyes

Asian eyes have a unique shape about them. A light shadow on the upper eyelids will add depth to the eyes. With a pencil, make a thick smoky line along upper eyelashes. Draw a thinner line along the lower eyelashes. Use dense mascara on your lashes. A brown eye shadow on your eyebrows will really accentuate the makeup of the Asian eyes.

Eye Makeup Tips for Those Wearing Spectacles

If you are wearing a bright-framed spectacle, don’t be very bright with your eye shadows. Just emphasize your eyelashes and apply two/three layers of mascara densely on the lashes. Apply them in strokes from the roots to the tips.