Dry Hair Tips

Dry Hair Tips

Unfortunately, many of us are tired of dry, dull and damaged hair. One of the main reasons for dryness is the harsh treatment imposed on the hair.  Dry hair is mostly caused as a result of excess shampooing, over use of hair styling equipments and hair care products, over exposure to sunlight and other environmental effect. So first of all stop using all those products that contains high concentration of harmful chemicals. Here are some useful tips to keep your dry hair under control.

Avoid the use of chemical rich products especially shampoos and conditioners that we use more frequently. Even though these products give you immediate relief, in their long run it damages your hair harshly. So if possible limit the use of such products as much as possible and instead choose herbal products. 

se shampoos that are cream based and devoid of alcoholic ingredients. An acidic shampoo within the pH range 4.5- 6.5 is the most suitable one.

Shampoo your hair in right way. Improper shampooing may also lead to dryness so special care should be taken while shampooing. Prior to applying shampoo make sure to wet your hair properly. After that pour some shampoo on to your palm and gently apply it on the scalp and hair, using your finger tips.

Never apply it directly to the hair.

Another point to be noted is the amount of shampoo you use. Minimize the amount to at least a coin size or little more; this will be enough to clean it properly. 

Frequent shampooing should also be avoided. Limit the use of shampoo to at least once or twice a week or just shampoo your hair whenever you feel it is necessary.

Conditioners should be applied to the hair just after shampooing. If you are undergoing a deep conditioning, then you can minimize it to just once a week. Avoid conditioners with alcoholic ingredients as it may damage the hair even more.

The use of hair dryers may worsen the situation. So completely avoid the use of hair dryers and instead allow the hair to dry naturally.

Avoid hair treatments like straightening, curling etc. that make use of hot tools. Same like hair dryers, these treatments also wipes off moisture from the hair.

Avoid over exposure to sunlight. Hair may appear dry and damaged due to the frequent exposure to sun light. So keep away from sunlight as much as possible or protect it by wearing scarf, hat, cap etc.

Hair dyes and bleaches should not be applied to dry hairs, this may cause further damage.

Similarly, the use of hair styling products like hair gels, hair sprays, mousse etc should be limited.

Apart from all these precaution, lead a healthy lifestyle, drink plenty of water eat a balanced diet with all the nutrients in right amount.

Home remedies for dry hair

Let us see some of the easy to follow home remedies to control hair dryness:

Safflower oil is very effective in controlling the dryness. Take few drops of safflower oil in one palm, rub it with the other palm and apply it to your dry hair. Start applying from the tip and gradually move upwards towards the scalp. Make sure to apply it evenly throughout the head.

Hot oil massage is another effective method to treat dry hair. The hot oil can easily penetrate the hair strands and moisturizes it more efficiently. Take half cup of oil preferably olive oil and warm it in low flame. Place it on the palm, rub it with the other palm and apply gently to the hair. After applying through out the head, cover the head with a plastic cap and then wrap with a towel. The towel used should be warm. To make it warm, first dip it in hot water and squeeze it to remove excess water. After wrapping with warm towel, allow it to stand for around 30 minutes and then shampoo it out with a mild shampoo.

Egg is an easily available and effective item that can prevent the hair dryness. Beat egg white and egg yolk separately. Mix this together and add two table spoon of slightly warm water to it. Apply this to wet hair using finger tips and allow it to stand for 30 minutes and then wash it off using cold water. If your hair is too dry, then along with egg add one table spoon of olive oil and few drops of vinegar. Egg in combination with coconut oil will also give effective result.

Coconut oil is another effective agent that can prevent dryness of hair. Apply coconut oil to the hair and scalp just 30minutes before the bath. Massage it well and wash it off with a mild shampoo. Apart from this, coconut oil can also be used in combination with avocado. Mix one mashed avocado with two teaspoon coconut oil and then apply this to your hair and scalp. Allow it to stand for 30 minutes and wash with cool water.

Mayonnaise has excellent dryness prevention property and thus can helps in repairing your dull damaged hair. Apply mayonnaise to the whole head including scalp and hair strands, allow it to stand for 15-25 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. If your hair is too dry, then you can apply mayonnaise before going to bed and then wash it next morning with lukewarm water using a mild shampoo.