10 Expert Dietitian Tips for Weight Loss

Weight gain is a general concern nowadays and people are facing this problem in a big manner. But one can control the increasing weight by proper diet control and exercises. It is just about switching from bad habits to good habits and then rest is practice and focus. Here are some weight lose tips prescribed by various dieticians world over.

1. Do Not Miss Breakfast

Many people believe that by skipping breakfast they can control the weight gain. But dieticians say that one must take healthy break fast as it gives the right start of the day. Breakfast must include sprouts, juices, fruits, corns and other low fat items.

2. Use Fiber Rich Items

Fiber rich items should be included in the list as they give energy to the veins and increase the immunity in the body. White vegetables are excellent sources of required fibers and must be taken regularly.

3. Dessert

A little dessert is always good after meal. It helps in the digestion and circulates the liquids in the body in right directions. But they should be in low quantity and less fatty.

10 Expert Dietitian Tips for Weight Loss

4. Use of Water

Dieticians always advice for drinking good amount of water every day. Plan it in such a way that 6-8 glasses of water must be taken by the body during the entire day. Use of water helps in burning the extra calories and keeps the weight on the right track.

5. Use of Fruits and Vegetable

Weight gain can be controlled by using the fruits and vegetables during the meal. One can add organic foods in the diet to lower the weight gain. These vegetables are very rich in protein and other nutrients which help in weight control without adding extra fats.

6. Eggs

Dieticians love to prescribe egg as one of the main food items in the diets chart. It is very rich in protein and offers all the nine amino acids required for the body. It restricts the fat and extra calorie intake in the body with the appropriate weight control.

7. Use of Multi-colored Food Items

Fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and other multi-colored items should be included in the diet plan as they offer several important weight control ingredients.

8. Eat with a Routine

One must stick to the diet plan and should not deviate from it. Time of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, sleep, and getting up must be predefined and followed also. It will help in attaining the desired weight in the specified time frame.

9. Use of Alcohol

Dieticians advise that alcohol should be used on weekend only. Frequent use of it can definitely add extra weight and hence should not be overused.

10. Realistic Goals

One must set realistic goals while planning for weight gain control. It must be well planned and segregated in small milestones so that one should not feel frustrated. Goal can be any specific dress size that one wishes to wear and then he or she can plan accordingly.