Evening Makeup For A Glamorous Look

Makeup has always been an interesting thing to do for women. It’s like women and makeup go hand-in-hand. Makeup can be done in different ways to suit different occasions. There are different types of makeup like dramatic makeup, clown makeup, day makeup, evening makeup and waterproof makeup. Actually it’s an endless list. 

Women apply makeup to look attractive and to enhance their features. One such type of makeup is the evening makeup. It is a very popular type of makeup and if done well, a person looks simply stunning. The whole idea of doing any type of makeup is to choose the right colors and style. As people say, makeup is an art, therefore if done well it can make you look amazing and if not, a person may look scary or ugly. Below are a few tips for an evening makeup:

Tips for Evening Makeup  

Cleansing your face

Before you start applying makeup, make sure your face is clean and dry. This is to avoid any uneven surface and to have a good finish.


A concealer is used to hide dark circles and under eye bags. Apply some concealer and gently spread it with your finger tips. Remember the finger movement should be from inside to outside. Pat it gently till it is evenly spread around the eyes.

Eye Base

After applying the concealer, apply some eye base. This is to keep the eye shadow intact for a long time. The eye base also helps the eye shadow to spread evenly without forming any creases.


The next step is to apply the eyeliner. There are two types of eyeliners available- liquid waterproof eyeliner and pencil eyeliner. You can go for liquid eyeliner as it gives better results. The eyeliner has to be applied close to the eyelashes. It can be applied evenly or you can give any shape so that it enhances your eyes. If you want a smoky look, then apply a fine line of eyeliner and smudge it a little with your finger tips. 

Eye Shadow

For an evening look, a three-toned eye shadow looks great. Colors like hot pink, brown, dark blue and emerald green look very nice. Use an eye shadow brush to apply the color. First apply a light shade evenly on your eyelids and then gradually move towards your brow bone. Then apply a medium shade and then a dark shade. After that, blend all the colors together. 


When it comes to applying makeup for any occasion, one should concentrate on the best feature of the face. If you want your eyes to look beautiful, then highlight it so that it stands out from the features. Once you are done applying the eye shadow, apply some shimmer on the brow bone as a touchup. For an evening look this makeup style looks simply awesome. A little touch up of shimmer can also be done on cheekbones. 


This is the next step for an evening look. Translucent and mascaras with shimmer are also available in the market. Mascara is the best way to enhance your eyelashes and make them look thicker and longer. You can also use mascara that has shimmer in it. It looks good for an evening look.


Applying lipstick is the last step to complete your evening look. When it comes to an evening makeup, lip gloss with shimmer works wonders. It goes well with your overall face makeup. Avoid wearing dark shades of lipstick, as now the trend it to apply soft colors.