Evening Eye Makeup Ideas & Tips

Evening Eye Makeup Ideas & Tips

Pretty eyes are a turn on to many men. Eyes complete the beauty of the face and eyes alone can convey the inner most feelings without any words. The more the eyes are fresh, the better they look. It is a very difficult to keep your eyes fresh after a long days work. Thanks to various make up techniques that have been adopted nowadays, you can make your eyes look pretty. Here is the procedure to keep your eyes pretty in the evening too. 

How to Make your Eyes Look Pretty in the Evening

There are some simple steps one has to take to make their eyes look pretty even in the evening. The process take less time and it is very effective too. You will need basic make up essentials which you can find in any make up kit. Things you will need are - mascara, foundation, eye pencil, concealer and some tissue papers. The steps which you have to follow for evening make up for your eyes are as follows-

Step 1 – The most important step is to remove the dark patches around your eyes. The best way to do it is by applying some concealer around the eye till all the skin tone comes into one similar color. Some of the finer areas like the inner circle are more important. They have a bluish discoloration which is caused due to day long stress on the eyes. Use three dots of concealer under the eyes and then spread them uniformly all across the eye. The placement of the dots is very important. Ideally place one dot under the inner side of the under eye, under the pupil and the outer corner of the eye. 

Step 2 – On the upper part of your eye lid apply the eye lid base. Eye base is the secret ingredient for your eye shadows to stay long on your eyes. So if you are attending a late night party then this is a must. Be careful while applying the base because if it is not properly applied then it looks like a greasy line on your eye. 

Step 3 – now use your eye liner or an eye pencil of any color and follow the eye lash. You can also experiment with different eye liners which will give you different combination of eye lashes. One you have applied the eye liner; smudge your eye liner with your fingers or cotton. Smudge it carefully so that you don’t make the line big and ugly. Check out which is the best combination. Stretch it till the corner of your eye lash. Do this slowly so that you don’t have to redo it. As every woman’s face is unique, you are the best judge of yourself in deciding which style suits you the most. 

Step 4 – Eye shadow is an optional make up tip which makes your eyes look prettier. It is the best when you have a three tones shade which stretches from the eye lid to the corner of the eye. The shadows come in different tones but the three toned shadow is the best as it gives and elegant look to your eyes. Ideally start with a lighter tone near your eyes and slowly darken the shade once you go closer to your eyebrow. 

Step 5 – The last and finally piece of work which you should not forget to do is applying mascara. Mascara completes the complete look to the eyes. Applying mascara is a very simple process where you have to apply the mascara on your lashes back and forth. 

You can also try out some other tips while applying make up for your eyes. Other tips which you can do are curling your lashes, brightening your eyes by using highlighter etc.