Erythritol Herbal Supplement

Erythritol Supplement Info

Erythritol is a naturally-extracted sugar alternative that looks and tastes similar to sugar, yet has almost nil calories. It is available in granulated and powdered forms. Erythritol has been used since 1990 in chocolate, candies, yogurt, jellies, jams, beverages as a sugar substitute.

Erythritol is termed as a sugar alcohol. Sugar alcohols, also often said to be polyols, are sugar alternatives that are either derived from plants or made from starches. Some other common sugar alcohol sweeteners may include sorbitol and xylitol.

Sugar alcohols are also found naturally in plants. Erythritol is available naturally in small quantity in grapes, mushrooms, melons, and other fermented foods like wine, beer, cheese, and soy sauce.

Benefits of Erythritol Supplement

There are several benefits of erythritol which can be considered to be remedies for various diseases. A few of the most common benefits of erythritol may include:

  • Erythritol does not affect blood sugar level or insulin levels and manifests a zero glycemic index.

  • Erthyritol gives a clean, sweet taste almost similar to sugar than other natural sweeteners like stevia (which may be a bit bitter).

  • In limited amounts, erythritol doesn’t lead to upset stomach and diarrhea that other sugar alcohols for instance sorbitol and xylitol are believed to cause. This is due to a smaller molecule which erythritol has, and 90 percent of erythritol is soaked in the small intestine and for the most part is excreted in urine unchanged. This quality makes erythritol exclusive among the sugar alcohols.

  • Erythritol does not get metabolized by oral bacteria, which goes to say that it doesn’t aid to tooth decay. Erythritol was approved to be facilitated as a sugar alternate in Japan in 1990. In America, it is termed as being Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) since 1997. It was also approved to be used in Australia and New Zealand in the year 1999.

Side Effects of Erythritol Supplement

Excessive ingestion of erythritol (more than 80 grams per day) may lead to .

As erythritol is largely absorbed in the small intestine and quickly flushed out by the body within 24 hours, laxative side effects generally associated with excessive polyol consumption are not witnessed when consuming erythritol in the form of foods.

Doses of Erythritol Supplement

The ideal dose of erythritol would depend on the requirement and medical history of the individual which may vary from one individual to other. The maximum dose of erythritol could exceed upto 70-80 grams per day. Taking more than this amount may lead to some side effects.