Ergopharm 1 Ad Prohormone Bodybuilding Supplement

Ergopharm 1 Ad Prohormone Supplement Info

This ergopharm 1 Ad prohormone supplement is quite active, extremely effective, naturally found, and non toxic in nature. It is considered to be a natural androgen which is available in the body. It is equally effective if taken orally as supplement. Ergopharm is prominent producer of prohormones. Oral consumption is the most common process to take prohormones and other supplements. This is highly potent as it has conversion system and is orally active. 1 Ad is intrinsic and naturally found hormone in the body. 1 Ad generates incredible muscles and enhancement in weight.


Benefits of Ergopharm 1 Ad Prohormone Supplement

Benefits of this supplement are many. A few of them are - it gains lean mass, instrumental in no estrogen production or aromatization. This is orally also very active. One can develop lean muscles and hard mass. It discourages water retention. 1 AD can convert to 1-testosterone – which is 700% more anabolic compared to testosterone. It is 100% natural and safe as it is produced within our body.

Side Effects of Ergopharm 1 Ad Prohormone Supplement

Side effects of Ergopharm 1 Ad Prohormone supplement could lead to upset stomach, gastro ache, and low libido/reduced sex drive. It can also often result in insomnia, skin rash, enhanced appetite, lethargy and acne. It may also catapult urination frequency and some people may experience painful urination.

It is advisable to keep this supplement out of reach of children. Persons under age 18 are not suggested to use this supplement. Hair loss could also be a part of side effects resultant of this ergopharm 1 Ad prohormone supplement. If symptoms like nervousness, tremors, sleeplessness, heart palpitation etc. are experienced then it is recommended to immediately discontinue the doses of this supplement. Pregnant women are not advised to use this supplement. It should be kept in a cool and dry place.

Doses of Ergopharm 1 Ad Prohormone Supplement

General dosage of this Ergopharm 1 Ad prohormone supplement is 1 to 3 tablets each day. It is advisable not to break open capsules. Take suggested or prescribed dosage only. Consult a doctor prior to consuming this supplement so that right advice about correct dosage according to body fitness, stamina and health condition can be taken.

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