Engagement Party Themes

The list of engagement party themes is ever expanding with more innovative ideas and technologies being created every day. Every party hosted today is based on a theme. Even though, having a theme helps narrow down other aspects of the party, it still is not that simple to pull together a successful theme party. Everyone wants something unique on his or her special day. It is possible to tweak the popular engagement party themes to make them more personal and unique.

Whether you are hosting your engagement party yourself or a friend or relative is organizing it for you, the following popular choices for engagement party themes would be good templates to start the party planning.

Cocktail Party

Cocktail theme is best suited for a small crowd of friends and family. The theme requires you to have elegant decorations, bite sized eats, enough drinks, and ice breaking games. Blues or Jazz is the preferred music for this party.

Outdoor Picnic

Outdoor picnic is a great theme for pleasant weather conditions. In the backyard, beach, or park, you can pull this theme of with barbeque, country music, plastic utensils, minimal clothes and fun outdoor games.

Mexican or Hawaiian

Mexican or Hawaiian would be ideal for a couple who enjoy vacations and adventure. With hula or salsa dance and pina colada or margarita, you can host a fun filled, colorful Mexican or Hawaiian themed party. You can find relevant décor items and party games in all the party stores.

Costume Ball

Costume ball is a favorite theme for many couples and even guests. Guests can be requested to dress up as favorite couples of the retro time, history, tabloid or big screen.


Honeymoon theme is possible, if you have any clue about where the couple might be going off for their honeymoon. You could have the guests dress up according to the local customs of the honeymoon destination. The food, decorations and music should also be set to that destination.

Other than these common engagement party themes, you could also come up with something that is meaningful and representation of your relationship. The success of a theme party lies in keeping the elements of the theme simple yet very relevant and enjoyable. If it is getting to be too much for you to narrow down and organize the party, you can get the help of professional party planners who can give you good suggestion on various engagement party themes and organize a memorable party for you.

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