Engagement Party Planning

Engagement parties are held to bring the two families and friends of the couples together before turning their relationship into a lifetime commitment. Celebrating this exciting event requires proper planning whether to make it an extravagant party or a casual family get together. Traditionally, engagement party planning and hosting is done by the parents of the bride but now-a-days the parties are even held by groom’s parents, couples friends or relatives etc. Engagement party planning is much easier to manage as they are less formal events than weddings and it’s up to the bride and the groom-to-be to decide everything from sending the invitations to selection of the venue and finalizing the menu.

Important Aspects of Engagement Party Planning:

There are no hard rules for hosting the party but generally, it is more common for couples to host the event themselves as they are announcing their engagement for the first time. Whether it is a casual in-home party or a closed family buffet engagement party planning is very important to make it a successful event. Here are some basic tips to know for engagement party planning in a perfect way:

1. Theme and Location:

Many couples like to select the theme for their engagement party and try to incorporate it in every aspect of the festivity. Engagement parties can be held anywhere based on the couple’s personal taste and matching the theme. The home of the host serves as an ideal choice, but some people prefer restaurants, clubs, beaches and even parks as great options.

2. Budget:

Taking all aspects of the party in to consideration try to set the budget from the beginning and make engagement party planning and arrangements including invitations and favors, food and beverages, décor and entertainment etc accordingly. You can make the engagement party as modest or elegant as you want based on the availability of budget and personal taste.

3. Invitations and Guest List:

After taking decision on the budget, theme and location, now it is time for engagement party planning to make the guest list and send invitations to all your friends and families. Invitations often set the tone for the party so choose them as per the theme and location. For those with limited budgets try to minimize the guest lists and don’t devastate yourself with enormous spending.

Food and Entertainment:

The hardest part of engagement party planning is selecting the menu that is appropriate for all types of guests from various cultures and traditions. Depending on the budget you may choose to have a formal sit-down dinner party at a restaurant or a simple cocktail get together or a casual informal gathering. Couples who wish to have unique styled engagement parties in fun filled environment often like to celebrate at beaches, sports clubs, bars etc.

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