Engagement Party Invitations

Engagement party invitations are as important as wedding invitations. Generally, the guest list for the engagement party is very much the same as that of the wedding. Hence, immense care should be taken while formatting and sending out the engagement party invitations.

It is a common practice to make the engagement party invitations instead of simply bulk ordering them. As the engagement parties are usually simple and small affairs, hand making the invitations will not be much of a trouble. If you have good handwriting, crafting skills and creativity, then this will not be a difficult task. The most common theme of these invitations would be showcasing the couple’s personalities and the love they have for each other. It is also a popular practice to include quotes on marriage and love in the invitations. If the quotes could closely reflect the couple’s relationship and their journey, it would be perfect. The design, color, style and theme must concur with the engagement party theme and the couple’s personality.

You could collect few pictures of the couple and include them in the invitations. If you are into serious cost cutting, you could resort to e-vites. There are many online invitation websites, many of them free. You could design great invitations and send them out all in one go. However, if there were people in the guest list, who do not check their emails that often, then this would not be completely fruitful.

Irrespective of how you decorate or present them, the main components of the engagement party invitations are:

  • Names of the couple
  • Venue
  • Date
  • Time
  • Theme

The invitation must be concluded by stating the name of the host and contact details. It is best to include RSVP details in the invitation. RSVPs are important to arrange for drinks, food, seating, activities and favors. The most important aspect of the party invitations is the well-planned and organized guest list. You need to get it checked by the couple so that everyone they want is covered and accounted for.

Above all, invitations must be checked for errors before being sent out. At least twice, two different people must review the grammatical or spelling errors in the content and address. At no cost can you misspell the names. As a backup, it is a good idea to make few extra engagement party invitations to make up for loss, errors or last minute additions to the guest list.

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