Engagement Party Ideas

Just like with the wedding reception party or the birthday party, there is no dearth of engagement party ideas. If you are planning a party for your friend or relative, who just got engaged, you have a handful task, but it is not a difficult deal. It is quite similar to throwing a bridal shower, except in this both the genders are involved. Moreover, engagement parties are more about the entertainment than about the gifts. Hence, the engagement party ideas must have the right environment and entertainment to accommodate men and women.

The best time to think up engagement party ideas is after picking the venue and the guest list. This will help with deciding on the theme, decorations, food, and activities.

The venue can be chosen based on the number of guests and the time of the year. Some of the best places to host the engagement party are,

  • Parent’s home
  • Park
  • Beach
  • Couple’s favorite restaurant

Once you have the venue and guest list set, you can move on to the theme. Some of the popular themes for the engagement party are,

  • Hawaiian with hula skirts and pina coladas
  • Mexican with salsa and margaritas
  • Romantic Paris with Eiffel tower
  • Couple’s favorite place or activity
  • Tabloid, history or big screen costume ball
  • Chain and Ball
  • Retro look of 80s, 70s or 60s
  • Cocktail with black tie and jazz music
  • Outdoor picnic with barbeque and country music
  • Dance with switcheroo
  • Honeymoon destination with native food and costume

Parties are just boring and unfinished without a glimpse of entertainment. Some of the best entertainment options for the party are,

  • Basic party CDs and sound system
  • Mariachi band, DJ or Jukebox on hire
  • Dancing area
  • Party games

If the couple likes it the traditional way, then you need to plan a formal dinner with proper seating arrangement. However, most of the parties today are casual buffet kinds where people can mingle well and have a carefree time of enjoyment. Any of the engagement party ideas are bound by one’s budget and imagination. Set your budget and go about exploring different ideas that would make this day a memorable and enjoyable one not just for the couple, but also for all the guests. The venue, theme, entertainment, food and decorations should all match and complement each other perfectly.

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