Engagement Party Games

In order to make the the engagement party a memorable and unforgettable event, people try different fun games and additional activities to entertain other families as well as the guests. Playing right engagement party games not only makes the relationship of bride- and groom-to-be stronger but helps them to know and understand each other better. To make the party a great success, make sure that the invitation of the engagement party has the right wordings based on the theme so that the guests can show up with appropriate costumes or game supplies.

Tips for Engagement Party Games:

Whether it is a close family get together or an extravagant engagement party, gathering before wedding is really fun especially when it is planned by friends and families of the couple with different amusing special events.

The engagement party games should be designed well in such a way that it involves every person including the judges and other non-playing roles and guests or the attendees should not be forced to play these games that they are not comfortable with.

At the same time, the games should be structured in a proper way to suit all types of the guests, not hurting or embarrassing anyone’s feelings by keeping them always fun and exciting.

Perfect Engagement Party Games:

There are many different engagement party games that can make the celebrations more lively and unforgettable both to the hosts as well as the guests. Whether it is a theme based game or new trivia game, these engagement party games should aim at alleviating the discomfort of the party guests and make them involve in fun activities.

Trivia games are the most common and interesting games for couples as it includes questions like where they met for the first time, where they had their first lunch, queries on their favorite movies, food or music and many other activities. Guests could pose these questions to the couple regarding their relationship about one another to check how well they understand each other and points would be allotted based on the correct answers.

Karaoke music contest is one of the most popular engagement party games that adds romantic engagement flair to the competition and gives lots of enjoyment and entertainment to the guests of all age groups.

Wedding practice game is another most remarkable engagement party games that can be played by couples replicating the upcoming wedding event, with fun cake cutting and dressing contents.

If the engagement party is planned according to a theme, any related games and activities that are centered on the theme would be more appropriate and fun. The pool party or gaming tables for the casino theme or having a limbo contest at the beach party are some of the perfect party game ideas.

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