Engagement Party Food Ideas

Engagement parties can be celebrated either as a formal affair of sit-down dinner or as serve-yourself buffet with simple appetizers and drinks in a casual way. Divide the budget by guest list and decide the operating costs for food and venue to estimate exactly how much you have to invest on hosting engagement party. There are plenty of engagement party food ideas to implement that directly depends on the style that you are planning to host such as formal, informal or theme of party.

Plan According to Budget and Guest List:

  • The choice of food directly depends on the number of guests invited to the party and the budget you have allocated for hosting the party. You don’t have to worry if your budget is relatively small as there are plenty of engagement party food ideas even for low budgets such as making it a more casual affair by choosing a buffet, barbecue or a potluck.
  • If you intend to serve a cocktail party, just selection of cocktails, mixed drinks and finger foods would be more appropriate whereas for guest lists more than 10 members it is better to choose a restaurant, club or hotel where you can plan the engagement party food ideas according to the budget and taste.
  • Make your party a unique one by selecting ideal engagement party food ideas or menu that is within the budget limit and perfectly suitable to all types of people in the guest list. If you have a specific theme to your engagement party then try to incorporate those ideas while choosing the menu, drinks or beverages.

Great Food Ideas for In-home or Formal Parties:

  • Planning the menu at least 15 days ahead is very important as implementing vast list of engagement party food ideas that are elegant and delightful in a short period of time is a very complex task. For easiest party food ideas you can choose wide range of menu varieties such as dips and salsas, drinks and beverages, appetizers and finger foods, main course and desserts etc.
  • In order to impress the guests, in fact you don't have to serve a five-course sit-down dinner or extravagant classic styled lunch. Choosing a simple family-style buffet with creative menu and beverages that your guests probably don't eat every week would probably work wonders in amazing them.
  • If it is an informal style of party with small group of guests then get everyone into the kitchen and take their engagement party food ideas to make this event more fun filled activity. As for drinks when hosting at-home parties, think about serving only wine and beer as they are ideal for low budgets.

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