Engagement Party Etiquette

Bringing the families together to celebrate the engagement of your marriage is a bit tricky and requires some basic etiquette. Following the engagement party etiquette and some common rules provides stress-free fun and keep everyone out of trouble. Generally, engagement parties are hosted by bride’s parents but if they are not in a position to do it, the responsibility switches to grooms parents. But now-a-days people are not following this engagement party etiquette and even friends are also offering to host the bash if the couple’s families are living far away.

Importance of Engagement Party Etiquette:

  • Whether you want to keep it as an intimate affair or plan for an extravagant party, there are some basic engagement party etiquettes that are essential to follow while bringing the families together. A breach of etiquette may strain the affairs especially between the families and dreadful situations will arise which may end up in breaking the relationships.
  • To keep yourself on the right side of engagement party etiquette, remember to plan everything ahead from sending the invitations to saying thank you note at the end without offending others feelings. It’s ok to break loose a bit in implementing the rules, as long as no one gets hurt with your behavior and manners.

Tips on Engagement Party Etiquette:

  • Engagement party is all about celebrating with families and friends to the positive prospects of new future together. By following the basic rules and simple tips on engagement party etiquette people can avoid awkward and troublesome situations.
  • Before planning the engagement and making the guest list decide who will host the party and the party location. As the purpose of the party is to bring the bride’s and groom’s families and friends together, arrange the party in a relaxed atmosphere by following the rules of engagement party etiquette.
  • Send invitations only to the required persons and don’t pressure yourself to include everyone in the list especially when running on a limited budget. Acknowledge everyone at the party from both sides of the families and be sure to greet everyone even if they are from different cultures and customs.
  • One of the most important things that appear in mind while discussing about engagement party etiquette is the attire or the dress code. Based on the event timings, such as lunchtime event, dinner or evening party the attire changes and it is the basic etiquette for others to follow the couple’s request. At the same time, if people are not dressed up enough as per the party rules, they may feel very embarrassed and out of place as everyone will be staring at them wondering why they didn’t show up in suitable clothing.

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